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Deadly Contagion

Epidemic. Fear. Death. Our video-share for this quarter deals with one of the scariest contagions that afflict Africa: the Ebola virus (7 min – Global Health Media). In many cases where it spreads to epidemic proportions, ignorance, fear, and deception multiply the devastation. Although this video may exaggerate a small girl’s capacity to influence her parents, the story vividly portrays the realities of Ebola. It also brings to light why house-to-house teaching–which Community Health Evangelism (CHE) potentiates and instills–is an asset to increase community-wide impact.

Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) also has missionaries serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In September, their hospital inadvertently accepted to treat two patients who had been exposed to Ebola. Sadly, as is often the case, these patients did not abide by the guidelines established by their nation’s public health workers when exposed to the disease. This is a regular problem in most African nation-states. Underlying trust issues remain from colonial and apartheid-era deceptions (10 min. video), perceived or actual (article). As a result, some of the medical staff where our medical missionary co-laborers work came into contact with the deadly contagion. Pray for their protection and wisdom in that situation where ignorance, fear, and deception put more lives at risk.

Life-Giving Contagion

This week we heard from an Ivorian pastor that we have influenced. He recently answered a felt call to move and work in a new town. In his previous church experience, he built a fruitful CHE ministry and established believers’ meetings in surrounding villages using Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). At his new location, with just a few weeks of effort, he leads a DBS with an unbelieving family, works to begin six DBS in each of the large neighborhoods of town, while also holding regular church services at his home. In addition, he mentioned using part of his Farming God’s Way training from May 2019. He is teaching others how to make good compost. Pray with us that the life-giving contagion of knowing Christ spreads rapidly in his town.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray for the eradication of Ebola in the DRC and other locations. Ask for a hedge of protection around our fellow-missionaries and health workers who risk their lives to serve others. Ask that believers effectively share their hope in Christ.
  • Intercede for our CHE pastor friend who recently relocated to the new town. Pray for his family to establish a vibrant CHE ministry touching all neighborhoods.
  • While writing about medical professionals in Africa, we give a shout-out to Cara, our daughter, who practices as an RN in the U.S. She recently advanced professionally in her work status. We love to think of and pray for her continual, loving ministry to cancer patients.

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson


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