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Cleft Lip Repair – the pictures tell the story

Greetings from Bangalore!

We would like to update you on life and work here. As usual things have been quite busy but, by God’s grace, we are all well.

Here, summer seems to have arrived early as it’s already regularly 32C/90F during the day and we haven’t reached the usual hottest months of April and May yet. We are praying for good rains in the monsoon season, later in the year, to prevent problems due to water shortages.

Surgical Updates

We thank God for His continued faithfulness and for those who have donated to the patient fund, to enable access to treatment for those in need who do not have sufficient financial resources.  Here is one particular patient whose treatment was partially funded by your donations:
(As usual, his name has been changed and eyes covered for confidentiality)
Darshan is a 4 month old baby boy from a poor family who was born with a severe bilateral cleft lip. Bone was also missing in the area, causing tissue to protrude through the cleft area.
Surgery was done to remove the excess tissue and repair the cleft lip. Darshan’s parents are very happy with the result.
He will need follow up and further treatment as he grows, including bone grafting to replace missing bone and orthodontic treatment to move teeth into the affected area. But as you can see from the photos, God has blessed Darshan with healing that will impact him for a lifetime!


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