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West Africa Wins Again (WAWA) distractions

Cleanup Champs

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As Major League Baseball begins the playoffs, Verlin read an improved joke:
Q: Where is the first baseball game in the Bible?
A: In the big inning, Eve stole first, Adam stole second. Cain struck out Abel, and the Prodigal Son came home. The Giants and the Angels were rained out.

Batting Cleanup

The fourth batter in baseball line-ups gets named the cleanup hitter for the sake of hope: the coach trusts him to meet the moment with some play to get some prior batter(s) to Homebase.

Our God coaches believers to meet our moments in getting others to their eternal home. Verlin got sent to encourage a young pastor and church leadership into growing their congregation beyond the walls of their space-limited meeting place. These are some taught following the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training of December 2018 with Jean-Marc Fritsch. Deb kept the faith growing in the family, laboring in love to help her parents, children, and husband as she deepened her self-understanding of blood pressure management.

Battling Chatter

West Africa Wins Again (WAWA) distractions

Top L to low R: Tank leak, vehicle chains
& oil, hip, and water supply fixes got done.

When at-bat, each hitter deals with opposing team chatter trying to distract him from the essential: keeping his eye on the ball. Each batter must focus on the priority to meet the moment, often forsaking any self-protective focus to swing.

That’s our challenge each week. Life oft’ seems to stream the ‘WAWA’ principle of ‘West Africa Wins Again.’ Water, medical, and transport repairs slowed Verlin’s follow-up with other ministries. Still, we know by faith that Jesus adjusts batting rotations to make other plays. Verlin preps travel to Liberia to train others there using Ivory Coast experiences. Debbie focuses on readying return.

Be Champions

While champion cleanup hitters play essential roles, they do not win games or series. Victory and defeat belong to the team. Good cleanup hitters participate. Relationships that players build while developing skills create the potentials teammates can realize when pulling together. In the end, champions play coach-directed roles. They collaborate to execute called roles.



The Great Story shared from

Similarly, the believer’s coach puts us in life’s play to achieve optimum experiences to see Jesus’ plans. The CHE lesson, “What is Good Health?,” focuses on what humankind finds by the Holy Spirit’s power concerning abundant life. Optimal human experience demands embracing the four covenant relationships to self, God, others, and Creation. The Great Story video by Il l’a dit explains this witness. It describes God’s coaching for us to build lives living abundantly. French friends Jean-Marc and Martine Fritsch started us integrating CHE with DMM using Discovery Bible Studies. The Great Story video (YouTube EN, FR) shares the cleanup role God sends believers to do.

Prayer & Praise

    • ???? Pray for the UFHB CHE training team as they advance while increasing their ‘cleanup hitting’ responsibilities. They, like all-volunteer training teams, need prayer for safe travel and strength.
    • ???? We appreciate the prayers breathed for Eddie and Sandra Payne as Debbie and other family assisted them to move to a single-story dwelling. Pray their strength and vitality increase.
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a mission of dedicated medical professionals who participate in the CHE Global Network. Together, in a loose affiliation of individuals, churches, denominational, and nondenominational agencies, we share God’s Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Verlin and Debbie accept donor partners to contribute as led to provide support as we maintain residential ministry in Cote d’Ivoire to expand CHE ministries under the auspices of CHSC & Ivorian partners. Tax-deductible contributions by check are to be made payable to the CHSC with Andersons #0118 written on the memo line. Mail to CHSC – PO Box 132 – Fruitvale, TX 75127. Give online via the CHSC @ (3% fee) or TDF (0% fee).


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