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Since returning home in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, our thoughts have turned toward the training that we will help host December 4-6. There is a strong principle that unites this Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) effort with the Million Village Challenge (MVC) conference that took place last week in Bouaké. That crucial concept is collaboration. The founder and coordinator of the Global CHE Network (GCN), Terry Dalrymple, who we were privileged to have speak, referred to over 700 organizations in more than 130 countries that benefit from the GCN. This strong network enables people all over the world to connect with Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainers who work nearby and who can provide counsel and encouragement for budding CHE ministries.

AISEC trainers at MVC
Dayo Obaweya, West African coordinator for Medical Ambassadors International, chided his fellow-Africans for lack of collaboration that leaves this part of the continent in great danger of a Muslim takeover. Followers of Jesus from all evangelical churches must engage to reach the many unreached, unengaged villages for Him. If not, other more apparently structured religions will prevail. Such collaboration invigorated Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan that CHE facilitated in Rwanda.

Similarly, the upcoming December training in Bondoukou involves the efforts of numerous evangelical groups. One denomination offers us their building. A pastor from another is the point person for registration. A third group will provide the projector and screen. We will host the guest speaker from France. The president of the local pastors’ collective organized the committee that oversees the training. Why do all of us collaborate when we still hold firmly to the doctrine and practices that cause us to meet in different locations for worship? Because we all see that many believers in Africa do not know how to hear from the Lord in personal Bible study, nor do they know how to lead a simple Bible study at home with family and friends. They do not realize that unbelievers will attend these gatherings. Providing for this realization unites us in the greater purpose of equipping the Body of Christ for service. This creates a city on a hill (Mt.5:14).

As this week of Thanksgiving closes, we pray a similar spirit of united effort will re-invigorate our homeland. We see from history how divergent groups came to America for freedom of religion and representative governance. For centuries, we aspired to be the “City upon a Hill,” (as John Winthrop preached it), an example of freedom–“out of many, one”– that draws millions to our shores. May our leaders overcome deadly partisanship and model for another generation how to work together upon the foundation of our Constitution while disagreeing on other particulars.


▪ Pray for the DMM training and final preparations underway. Ask for safe travels for our guest speaker, Jean-Marc Fritsch, from France. Pray participants will be inspired, empowered by the Holy Spirit in greater ways than ever to sow the Word of God in this town and country.

▪ Ask the Lord with us that citizens and leaders of the US will relearn wholesome collaboration.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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