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Jungle Hospital

Jungle Hospital

The Jungle Hospital (also called the Dyer Rural Hospital) was dedicated and opened its doors in November of 2007 to serve the people of the Cangrejal River Cove. Its reputation as a primary care facility has grown so that all the surrounding villages have been visited by medical and educational teams, and are now aware of its services. Since the opening of the hospital, the facilities have grown to include a dormitory to host visiting teams and practitioners, mid-term volunteers and interns. The vision is to bring health, hope and healing to people of the Third World.

The Jungle Hospital’s geographical focus is the mountainous region known as La Cuenca Cangrejal, the Cangrejal Cove. This covers over 1,000 sq miles of jungle just south of La Ceiba, and is home to over 15,000 villagers. The Jungle Hospital in the village of Rio Viejo, is implementing the comprehensive health care model developed by Healing Hands Global. This health care model includes community and hospital based initiatives. Community based initiatives include medical and dental brigades in outlying villages, dietary and hygiene education in local schools, as well as community development projects. Hospital components include current inpatient and outpatient healthcare, women’s health, a future labor & delivery ward, along with programmed surgeries, and diagnostic as well as emergency services.

Medical needs at this facility:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physicians – all specialties
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Laboratory Technician

Our staff often serve as faculty in established training programs and residencies raising up the next generation of health professionals. Others train national staff in less formal environments. Building local capacity is central to the identity of the Christian Health Service Corps, therefore we actively seek out places where we can have a lasting impact by discipling, and training local Christian physicians and health professionals to serve in their own communities.

CHSC missionary RN, Tabitha Hiers has been serving with the Jungle Hospital since May 2012. Upon completion of her summer internship she was asked to return and serve as a nurse, and has been doing an incredible job ever since. She has shown great flexibility and faith as the challenges of living on the mission field present themselves.

Housing: Accommodations are available on the hospital grounds for long-term staff and short-term visitors.

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