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Hospital Diospi Suyana, Peru

Hospital Diospi Suyana, Peru

Hospital Diospi Suyana is located in Curahuasi, about two hours from Cuzco in the Peruvian high lands. It serves quechuan population from around the entire country of Peru and approximately a large indigenous population that live within a three hour radius of the hospital. Hospital Diospi Suyana offers comprehensive care in their 55 bed facility with a large outpatient department, four modern operating rooms, a five-bed intensive care unit, laboratory and radiology department (X-ray, ultrasound, and CT scan). The hospital is staffed by both Peruvian and expatriate staff.

Language: 80% of the local people are Quechua Hablante and their language is Quechua. Approximately 70% of Quechua can speak and understand Spanish at an adequate level. The hospital has some Peruvian staff who speak fluent Quechua when translation is necessary. Fluency in Spanish is required prior to long-term service, those needing to learn or improve in Spanish, language school in Peru is recommended over other locations. Short-term volunteers are reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis depending on facility needs and skill sets of the volunteer.

Religion: The area is predominantly Catholic with 10 percent being evangelicals. The area also has a lot of superstition and animism carried over from old Incan religious traditions.

Housing: Housing is available in the community for long-term staff, and at the hospital for short-term visitors.

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