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Agape Center – Ukraine

Agape Center – Ukraine

In 2001, a young family from Lutsk, Serhii and Natalia Bolchuk, were involved in a car accident which resulted in Natalia breaking her neck and remaining paralyzed. A year and a half spent in various hospitals and sanatoriums showed the couple just how difficult it is for people with disabilities to live in Ukraine.

The Lord stirred their hearts to help such people, so they approached Fimiam Church with a proposal to begin a ministry for people with disabilities and the church supported them.

It would seem that the tragic accident destroyed all of their plans for the future, however it was the accident that pushed them to start serving people with disabilities in Lutsk and the Volyn region. In the beginning, they could only support people with disabilities through visitation and fellowship. The next step was organizing camps for adults with disabilities and for families raising children with special needs. Then the work of physical rehabilitation began.

The Agape Ukraine NGO was founded in 2016 and the Agape Rehabilitation Complex began operating.

Agape Ukraine is a non-profit, non-governmental organization serving people with disabilities. The activities of the organization are based on Christian values and are carried out by a dedicated team of people who practically assist and care for people with disabilities.

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