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The Matrices

Years before he ever saw The Matrix on a language blocking DVD player, a friend approached Verlin and said, ”Mr. Anderson, I presume.” He was not the first to so address Verlin, nor the last, but he attempted to explain the movie’s plot that led Verlin to take some time and watch part of the movie series years later.
Prior to that, Verlin learned by experience of Matrix Organizational Structures that are used in many corporations and hospitals with their strengths and weaknesses, which interestingly also exist in cohesive family units having a mother and a father. The movie represents the abusive strength of collaboration and the error(s) that happen when a family or a corporation or a church or a nation consider their group of relations as THE social matrix solely capable and meritorious of extending their rule to all others. (In reference to another age, living in your own matrix is like living in your own tribe with your own chief or boss.) In the movie, complicity with this is taking ‘the blue pill’. In reality, we all live amidst a plurality of matrices that God made for us. He lifts and debases each to manage the earth confided to our joint care. He even illustrated this in forming our bodies where each major organ, having a separate and complex organizational matrix, must coordinate from the head for the good of all. Even that is a complexity we’ve yet to fully understand! Unfortunately, the movie’s ‘red pill’ solution is not a solution. It presents adherence to another parallel, conflicting matrix, struggling for a separate existence, as being noble. It seemed to represent that life’s fight is where real living happens.
There no practical way to use that analogy in the real kingdom created by the one true God who sent us the Christ to redeem those who receive Him and the Holy Spirit who guides us to salvation in order to see His rule come to reign our world. We live in times where many have rejected Him and when each human social matrix pridefully strives to become the single dominating matrix, redoubling the baked-in sinful destruction of our fallen world. Ecumenism and the League of Nations all failed by misunderstanding the application of there being no ‘One’ except Jesus Christ.

The solution: we die to ourselves and our own ambitions as seeds. We carry our cross to find its burden light. Then, as every family and corporate matrix must be united in His common goals to develop healthily, a uniting, long-term vision becomes necessary to evade useless conflict and make sustainable gains for the matrices of the nations.
For such change to last, it is not coerced, but willfully chosen. The CHE Global Network is a bold effort recognizing that God regulates the matrices. He transforms lives and communities through the seamless integration of evangelism, discipleship, disease prevention and community owned development. CHE evades the failings shown in the movie and the World Council of Churches. These posit uniting everyone under the rule of a human ‘one’. There is only one ‘One’: Jesus. We live or die to Him. 

Prayer and Praise
  • Please continue praising the Lord and sustaining the Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) around Bondoukou in prayer. Some mature and divide. Some not dividing do not realize they will die if they do not. Some have not yet revealed their bent. Verlin still does not have an accurate count due to much travel.
  • Pray for Emmanuel Konan, the President of the Ivorian CHE Association (intro @ Fret Not). Hobbling together financial resources from several different organizations related to CHE here, he leaves in the week for the Kansas City International Wholistic Missions Conference (Workshop Tracks).
Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie

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