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One very interesting lesson in Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training describes worldview by using a pair of glasses as an example. It is an “eye-opening” session to understand that every person on the planet looks at life and the events around them through their own particular lens of culture, family, and beliefs. It becomes a launching point to help them become aware that their worldview may be preventing them from enjoying an abundant, fruitful life. Even though they may not become believers right away, they can, by experience, begin to piece together how a Christian worldview put into practice provides for better living. As they take dominion over the creation and bring transformation in health, agriculture, business, and other ways, it opens their hearts to the spiritual truths of God’s Word. From elementary aged children to graduate students at the university, we gratefully see these changes in progress here.

This week Verlin spoke with the teacher who took the children’s health manual that we gave him to test with his elementary-aged students in public school. The health lessons taught from a Biblical worldview are being so well received that the teacher has spent over $100 making copies of materials for others to use. Recently, in response to a one of the lessons, over 1,000 children (yes, you read that number right!) came together to help clean a school property. Verlin reminded the teacher that the materials are free to download at HEPFDC. How beautiful to influence these tender hearts with life-giving habits that also open the door to the Gospel.

Every month Verlin works with the Public Health CHE team at Felix-Houphouët Boigny University. One current focus is their on-going development of a master’s level course of study with Community Health Engagement at its core. When fully developed, the course will allow graduate students from other departments to participate, as well. This curriculum also built from a worldview based on clearly articulated Biblical values is expected to hugely impact, over time, the public health status of all of Cote d’Ivoire. We are grateful for extraordinary opportunities to touch people one-on-one and nationally. Your faithful prayers and donations make this possible!


▪ Lift up the health classes with elementary and middle school students.

▪ Pray that this eventually becomes a model that spreads nationally throughout Cote d’Ivoire.

▪ Pray for the completion of this master’s level university course.
Our two conferences are just around the corner. Pray for strength and wisdom.

Your partners in the Gospel,


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