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Where is Caitlin now??

The many travels of Caitlin’s recent past   Many of you have asked about my timeline from leaving Chicago until I go to Mexico, so let me fill you in! At the end of June I moved out of my dear house of friends in Chicago. I spent the holiday weekend

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Agape Celebrates 5 Years!

On June 25, a party was held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex! Current patients and residents of Agape, employees and other guests were in attendance. Polos shirts with the Agape logo were given to all employees for the occasion. The evening included a delicious dinner, a concert by some of our own employees, recollection, and gratitude for how Agape came into existence and has been upheld by God’s hand these past 5 years, and an admonition to continue in the work from our senior pastor at Fimiam Church. It was a wonderful evening together!

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Never Change

“Never change.” On the surface, that thought may seem appealing: “You have an endearing personality that I find attractive, and I want it to endure.” What brought the subject of change to mind this week? We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on Monday! Besides our marriage, the importance of change struck us on other fronts this week, too.

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Hand for a Hand

Imagine living life without the use of one arm. It would be hard, right? Now, imagine living life without both arms. That sounds next to impossible. How does one eat, drink, or use the bathroom? Get dressed or make something to eat? This is a story of a man who tragically lost both of his arms, and how God got him new ones.

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Haley’s Latest Update

How is it possible that I live in a place where parents have to choose which of their children to feed, or where clean drinking water is such a luxury?

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