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Badges and Bites

While we dealt with badges and bites in Tennessee this week, Ivoirian Community Health Evangelism (CHE) partners continued to plan, train, and engage in greater than 70 communities within Cote d’Ivoire! . . . Ivoirian CHE partners with whom we coordinate plant churches and impact communities. They foster personal and group transformation by following God’s lead to obediently help shift participants to live by Biblical beliefs. We strengthen Discovery Bible Studies, pig and goat production, Farming God’s Way, forestry projects, moringa plantations, bee-keeping, family garden, literacy, well-digging, health & hygiene lessons, building churches and schools, AIDS intervention programs, and training nurses – OF WHICH WE KNOW!

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The Persevering

C.S. Lewis wrote that God knows our situation; He will not judge us as if we had no difficulties to overcome. What matters is the sincerity and perseverance of our will to overcome them. … Let us pray for each other that we will be prepared to persevere and faithfully share the hope of Christ despite the increasing hardness of hearts and persecution.

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New Rhythms

Hello friends and family! I cannot believe that two months have already passed since the last time I wrote you! I am happy to report that life here has been good! Of course there are all the same challenges, but little by little they are lightening. Reflecting on the last

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A lot has changed

Today, I am writing from a comfortable couch in New York, while my husband is working on his computer across from me, and I haven’t stepped foot in a hospital in months. It’s funny, because this time last year I would have been in Congo, having dinner with my roommate

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