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Angel Bands

It is common in missionary circles to joke about days we cause hernias or overtime for the angel bands sent to protect and help God’s children! Over the years, we have experienced many days when it was apparent that the King’s security forces were dispatched for us. Verlin’s home office setup and renewal will slow and advance by attending two funerals. It is likely angel bands accompanied them one last time on their journey Home.

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Our missionary community breathed a collective sigh of relief. But that feeling was short-lived. Two days later, Dr. Pedro, a dear 70-year-old staff physician also became critically ill…

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The Betrayal


What happens if someone you trusted is found to be a deceiver? Many people are troubled and saddened by the recent, tragic, and posthumous confirmations that Ravi Zacharias, a prominent Christian apologist, was involved in sexual sin for over a decade. There are ways to be discerning, testers of spirits.

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Today was a monumental day, after 5 months of sick leave I went back to work today!

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Steve’s test

If Excerpt is empty, WordPress automatically creates an excerpt using the first 55 words of the post. (That’s a lot of words!)

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