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Poverty: A Marred Identity

New on Medical Missions 101 Blog: Systemic poverty often plagues the places where global health professionals serve. Grappling with this crushing reality can be overwhelming. Community health education is one tool that can help improve the well-being and dignity of those who suffer from the effects of poverty.

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PDA ligation

It’s pretty incredible to have this level of care at our hospital…

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The struggle is real…

In the middle of a conversation with fellow missionaries I realized just how weird our life can be over here in Africa. Water has been a real struggle lately, mainly it’s the lack of water that causes the struggle. I had gone to discuss a case with the surgeons and the water topic came up:The water struggle is real!

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Top 6 Excuses

We finally decided that there was too much risk to wait any longer; we had to operate and find out what was going on inside his abdomen. 

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Like I Need a Hole in My Head

Strangely enough, last week, 2 of our patients needed holes in their heads…  More about that in just a bit.  Throughout the ages, different civilizations have employed various versions of making holes in the skulls of humans (while still alive) in the attempt to alleviate various infirmities. Often, it was

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So much to be thankful for!

God has been good to us in many ways over the past month and more! We enjoyed a few days off after camps before resuming work at the Agape Rehabilitation Complex and it has been non-stop ever since.

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CATCHING UP in March 2018

Even those in very difficult social circumstances with very little possessions to their names hold to a peace in their situation that puts others to shame.

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Medical Mission Team Paternalism to Health Development

In early 2004, my wife, Candi, and I joined Mercy Ships, an international hospital ship program that at that time also facilitated community-based projects while the ships are in port. We turned to using health development program models to design short-term land based global health initiatives after joining. Re-developing the

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They came to Loma de Luz because they had seen the work of the Lord in the past and He certainly showed His mercy and healing once again.

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…with tears in his eyes, Brian expressed deep appreciation for God and all the workers at Loma de Luz who God used to help make him well.

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