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Me pega con violencia

Each visit is a blessing to see how this hospital provides care for patients, as much of this care is difficult to find elsewhere

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JULY 2018: PHOTO TOUR OF RECENT HAPPENINGS AT LOMA DE LUZ A chest x ray on a gentleman that presented with a severe infection in and around his lung on the right (left side of screen) Chest x ray after chest tube placement and drainage of almost a liter of

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BAPTISM in Sitovichi!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to witness baptism in the village of Sitovichi! This is the village where our friends Lyuda and Vanya live with their family. Picture taken on a previous trip to visit them in May. Lyuda grew up in this village and moved back there about 7

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Trail Blazing

I’m so glad I don’t have to “figure it all out”, because God already has.

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Struggles of a working mom

I can’t explain why bad things happen, but I can say that our God knows. He sees our smiles and He feels our hurts. And He loves us, oh how he loves us.

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Teaching from Honduras

Her patient load would not allow for her to travel to East Texas, so we brought her to the conference via a video phone call.

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PT Training in the Ukraine

CHSC missionaries regularly train their colleagues. Carrie Moss, PT, shares how eight students from six different cities in Ukraine attended her most recent classes.

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God’s Favour

Her transformation was slow but amazing! Everyday she was able to take more and more milk.

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But Then She Lived

A really sick little girl came in the other night, Carolyn, and basically died.  But then she lived…

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