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Little Chantal was admitted to the hospital in August, at the beginning of the Ebola epidemic.  She had signs of malaria and sepsis.

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I would like a donut.

I love apple fritters personally over most donuts, but down here in Honduras the kind of donut that I really wanted was the “magic donut” aka a CT scanner.

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Adoptive Mom & Baby Furaha

Nourishing the Neediest

Furaha is a special little 1.5 year old girl that we met in unfortunate circumstances.

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Gravida 13

“We have a 39 year old lady in labor. It’s her 13th pregnancy…… She’ll have her baby in no time!”

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Why Do Medical Missionaries Leave the Field?

If medical missionaries are lumped in with church planters, bible college teachers and bible translators it is hard to see if they have different issues driving them to leave the field. You can read more about this in another recent post.

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