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Special Blood

After a few phone calls to some of our special donors, two brave men, one working at Naomi’s village, and the other working at RVA came when asked to give blood to save that young mother’s life.

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Fighting for Life

When I looked outside, her grandmother was kneeling on the ground, beseeching the Lord in prayer, arms and voice raised.

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Missing an opening

We see more than our fair share of these children, mainly because we can care for them—word gets out in Honduras when you are able to offer specialty care for certain conditions…

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NOT just another Monday

Our apartment is two swinging bridges away from the hospital…the only time we get “held up” is if there are monkeys or other critters on the bridge.

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The Jungle in April

A few days ago I went on an afternoon stroll with a small group of ladies and our goal at the beginning of this hike was to make it to a certain electric pole and then each day after, we would go a little further until we eventually made it

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