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The struggle is real…

In the middle of a conversation with fellow missionaries I realized just how weird our life can be over here in Africa. Water has been a real struggle lately, mainly it’s the lack of water that causes the struggle. I had gone to discuss a case with the surgeons and the water topic came up:The water struggle is real!

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Top 6 Excuses

We finally decided that there was too much risk to wait any longer; we had to operate and find out what was going on inside his abdomen. 

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So much to be thankful for!

God has been good to us in many ways over the past month and more! We enjoyed a few days off after camps before resuming work at the Agape Rehabilitation Complex and it has been non-stop ever since.

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CATCHING UP in March 2018

Even those in very difficult social circumstances with very little possessions to their names hold to a peace in their situation that puts others to shame.

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They came to Loma de Luz because they had seen the work of the Lord in the past and He certainly showed His mercy and healing once again.

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…with tears in his eyes, Brian expressed deep appreciation for God and all the workers at Loma de Luz who God used to help make him well.

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Moments of Weakness

And just like the 5 loaves and 2 fish,  God performed a miracle through our limited experiences and resources and all we can say is, to God be the glory!

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Reflecting on God

To continue from my last blog reflecting on God’s goodness and His role as the Great Physician, I will start by talking about a young woman whom I will call AZ. She came in to BMC back in November last year with a history of fevers, cough, and weight loss

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African Internship Class

…we visited kids in a village where a school had been started, as well as a grassroots Shea Butter “factory” mostly done under trees.

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