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When Giving Thanks Is Hard To Do

The only option given to Juan was amputation, but Juan felt God’s prompting to seek help and another opinion at our hospital. Over the ensuing months Juan gave me a real life example of someone who is able to praise God despite the circumstances.

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Target Practice

The dawn of a new year is a good time to reflect, pray, and evaluate where we have been in our personal and work lives, and plan where we need to go.

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Life and Death Decisions

I have the amazing God-given privilege of working with some of the most amazing doctors in the world who have left their families and homes behind to follow God’s calling to care for the physically and spiritually broken in another country.

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Tuberculosis a Common Theme

After much thought and prayer, I finally decided to start her on anti-tuberculosis treatment to treat suspected TB pericarditis.

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In the jungle we often see illness in a state that is much more advanced than we would usually see in the US.

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The Exploding Water Bottle

Under the influence of my “truth serum” the story remained the same; exploding water bottle, chest pain and inability to swallow. 

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Lost Hope

“I want to sleep, please give me medicine to sleep!”. That sentence is pretty startling, especially when it is followed by the plea, ”Please don’t cut off my leg, I want to keep my leg!” What makes those words truly heartbreaking is that they were spoken to me by a

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we have experienced the blind receiving sight, skin diseases being cleansed, the lame walking, and through it all, the good news proclaimed to the poor

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“Doc, can you help our son, Philip?”  While I was standing at the bedside, one of Philip’s caregivers had asked me this question.

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Pediatric Victories

It is such a blessing to see kids recover their strength and ability of play, gain weight, and for some to walk again.

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