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family walking a labyrinth

Not all who wander are lost…

Thank you for faithfully walking with us on this journey.  And now the news you have all been waiting for – we are moving to Zambia.

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Road Sign Announcing Vaccinations

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Another 21 days… alas we just passed another 21 day observation period from another Ebola positive case in our health zone. He was traveling from another health zone and was sick when he arrived in our health zone.

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Two patients in medical ward were in a coma – one old and one young. I prayed.

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Mushroom Firstfruits

Growing Things

Growing the Kingdom of God demands growing more than filling church buildings or so-called worship centers. Equipping the church to obey every command of Jesus unselfishly means believers learn to manage plants, work relationships, and animals among other created things. All must be managed as worship to God to facilitate the apparent dominion of Jesus over all things to all persons. Greedy decisions that often cause loss rather than gain are overcome by persevering saints.

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Life-Giving Blood

Last week we walked to church through the woods, passing a small cemetery covered by the graves of all the newborns who die at our hospital…

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190916 MicroEnterprise Development training photo by Dayo

Servants Leading

Many in our times use talk of popularized principles of servant leadership to galvanize different followings. Few rub shoulders with servants who lead ministries that transform lives to learn how the institutions of family, church, and government service change for the better. The majority in this world think a domineering “strong man” form of leadership is a “must-have” to establish organizational direction. Nothing could be farther from the truth when establishing institutions that endure and dominate through centuries. Read how enduring change happens in the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa through a CHSC ministry.

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