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Alili – How did you get shot?

“So, how did you get shot?” I asked the 12 year-old boy in front of me. I had heard what had happened, but I wanted to get his account. Here is the story he told me.

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Kenya – Emmanuel

The name Emmanuel means “God with us”, it is the name given to nearly every baby boy born on Christmas Day in Kenya. I want to share with you the story of a baby boy named Emmanuel who truly had the protective hands of God wrapped around him for the

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Kenya – Newborns in May

The month of May has been an awful one in our New Born Unit. In the past three weeks I have lost five precious premature patients.

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Honduras – Knocking on Death’s Door

Zika … it’s all over local news channels, in the news papers, and is a common topic of discussion. In the months of preparation for my arrival first in Guatemala and in Honduras, many people have asked me, “But aren’t you scared of getting Zika?” I can honestly say that I am not because I am not getting pregnant and most people who get zika don’t have symptoms or think that they have a mild flu.

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Honduras – “Delight yourself in the Lord”

This past September, she was declared cancer-free. And oh, how we rejoiced! To see a child beat the odds. In a country where the circumstances already seem to be exponentially stacked against a child surviving, cancer seemed to be a certain death sentence. And yet, Osiris made it through. We thought this struggle was behind us.

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MAPENZI’S STORY OF MALNUTRITION IN THE CONGO She was breathing quickly and was too weary to sit. Her mother’s brow was furrowed. I kept looking at Mapenzi’s body and her date of birth on the intake, thinking to myself “There is no way she is 7 years old. She looks

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Peru – Hard to Breath

The past week I’ve been treating a little girl with cystic fibrosis. Before coming to Peru, I had never seen a patient with this condition (basically all my experience has been in outpatient orthopedics). She came to the hospital about 2 weeks ago from Cusco with difficulty breathing, fever, etc. and was quickly admitted to the ICU.

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Rwanda – Out of my comfort zone

Osteomyelitis- A common scourge of children here in Rwanda. One of the most frequent problems that children face here is infection of the bones. They usually come when the infection has become well advanced, with pus draining from the skin. Originally the infection comes from a minor infection elsewhere, travels

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Republic of Congo – Flight for Life from Congo to Kenya

Her heart stopped. Right before my eyes I was watching this girl, my friend, who I had been having dinner with the night before, sprawled out on an operating table with her chest cut open. In order to replace Ninelle’s malfunctioning heart valve the surgeons had to stop her heart and

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