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Back in Malawi…

She walked into the maternity unit with her husband who was no more an adult than she was. In her arms was her 6-day-old infant with a fever, fighting to breath for the last 2 days. She lived near Mozambique and it took almost an entire day to get to the hospital to have her baby examined.

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D.R. Congo – Strength To Walk Again

I was reminded again this past week that we care for patients so that they can tell others of the goodness of God. As patients are healed they bear witness to others, and God receives the glory.

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So the bad news was that it appeared she was in early labor with a baby that was going to be very premature. Worse news was that the measurements of the baby appeared even younger than we thought.

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Why Uganda?

Kana lives in a mud hut with a rusting tin roof. She cooks for her eight children over three stones using sticks she gathers.

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How do we define Best Practices in Global Health?

Why this subject for a blog on CHSC web site? Christian Health Service Corps policies and procedures were created to help us become an organization that exemplifies best practices in global health missions. It is important to have discussions about how to improve global health initiatives, but we believe it is even more important

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Alili – How did you get shot?

“So, how did you get shot?” I asked the 12 year-old boy in front of me. I had heard what had happened, but I wanted to get his account. Here is the story he told me.

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Kenya – Emmanuel

The name Emmanuel means “God with us”, it is the name given to nearly every baby boy born on Christmas Day in Kenya. I want to share with you the story of a baby boy named Emmanuel who truly had the protective hands of God wrapped around him for the

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Kenya – Newborns in May

The month of May has been an awful one in our New Born Unit. In the past three weeks I have lost five precious premature patients.

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Honduras – Knocking on Death’s Door

Zika … it’s all over local news channels, in the news papers, and is a common topic of discussion. In the months of preparation for my arrival first in Guatemala and in Honduras, many people have asked me, “But aren’t you scared of getting Zika?” I can honestly say that I am not because I am not getting pregnant and most people who get zika don’t have symptoms or think that they have a mild flu.

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