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The Lady from Togo

Now that she has healed, she looks 20 years younger and 5 inches taller!

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Comings and goings

We have seen God’s faithfulness to us in so many ways and we pray for His continued provision in our lives and the lives of our patients…

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…come to maternity. Now, NOW!

“Dr. Jared, please come to maternity now, now!” When I hear one of the nurses or clinicians say this on the radio, I know it is one of two scenarios: an infant is not breathing or…

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Artritis Reumatoide

In Peru, people tolerate the disease until they can no longer function or tolerate the pain, and then…

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Remember, abuse causes illness

…the case I would like to talk about is a young man I saw over several days last week. First he presented to me in the emergency room for chronic abdominal pain.

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Back in Malawi…

She walked into the maternity unit with her husband who was no more an adult than she was. In her arms was her 6-day-old infant with a fever, fighting to breath for the last 2 days. She lived near Mozambique and it took almost an entire day to get to the hospital to have her baby examined.

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D.R. Congo – Strength To Walk Again

I was reminded again this past week that we care for patients so that they can tell others of the goodness of God. As patients are healed they bear witness to others, and God receives the glory.

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