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Oxygen Flow

We recently have been able to start using an oxygen concentrator machine (the size of small car) to provide some oxygen to our patients…

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Fighting Ebola in Eastern Congo

Many of you have probably heard that eastern Congo is experiencing an Ebola epidemic, the country’s 10th epidemic.  The declaration came only days after the previous one ended in western Congo.  The area affected is in North Kivu, 3 hours south of here. 

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The Church and Global Access to Health Care

Christian Mission hospitals and health programs account for about 50% of all healthcare delivered in Sub-Saharan Africa (Olivier, et al., 2015). That figure is probably closer to 70% of the truly functional healthcare services delivered.  Sadly however, many of these facilities have closed, those that remain are fighting for survival.

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Bed repairs and C-sections

Even in the absence of the emergency, doing a cesarean section on a patient who has 3 previous lower uterine scars makes me nervous.

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Country Doc

…her husband has just spent his last pesewa on petrol to fuel their motorcycle to come from Chereponi to Saboba.

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Once a month in Bondoukou, there is a meeting of pastors of the evangelical churches. The structurally flat collective (not like a cooperative) invites speakers, shares information of events amidst the participating churches, and, at times, coordinates for training and outreaches like city-wide evangelism campaigns. Verlin attends whenever available. This

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“Grace note: an extra note as an embellishment and not essential to the harmony or melody.” Instead of applying the concept in the musical world, for us a grace note is seeing Jesus give an extra measure of undeserved grace and help in daily life. Despite surgery, water leaks, costly

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Me pega con violencia

Each visit is a blessing to see how this hospital provides care for patients, as much of this care is difficult to find elsewhere

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JULY 2018: PHOTO TOUR OF RECENT HAPPENINGS AT LOMA DE LUZ A chest x ray on a gentleman that presented with a severe infection in and around his lung on the right (left side of screen) Chest x ray after chest tube placement and drainage of almost a liter of

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