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Returning to Nyankunde

“I think that there is not a single place on earth that Jesus wouldn’t go to reach somebody.” Christian Health Service Corps surgeon Dr. Warren Cooper and pediatrician Dr. Lindsey Cooper could have abandoned their work as medical missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo – one of the world’s

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The Gift of Mobility

When you think about mobility what usually comes to mind? Is it using a bike, scooter, car or plane? Or is it being able to connect virtually anytime and anywhere thanks to technology? In my (Andrew) line of medicine I think about a prosthesis, crutches, walkers or wheel chairs.

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CHSC Missionary Carrie Moss helping Ukrainians espcape violence

For thousands of people with disabilities or spinal injuries across Ukraine, Agape Rehabilitation Center represents peace and serenity. The center’s stately three-story building and its surrounding gardens and meadows were designed to give visitors a place to comfortably rest and recover from pain, and to participate in physical, occupational and

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You Take My Breath Away

It was God’s grace and direction that they did because Maria, the sixteen-year-old in the ambulance, was in respiratory failure due to a poisoning.

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