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Care for the Outcast

Care for the Outcast

In 2012 CHSC sent our first Physical Therapist to the Ukraine to train Church volunteers in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Prior to this, there were no training programs in physical therapy and little hope for patients who suffered from spinal cord injury. The invitation to CHSC came from the Natalia Bolchuk family. Natalia and her two-year-old son were involved in a terrible car accident.  The outcome of the accident was paralysis for Natalia due to a spinal cord injury at the cervical level.  It would seem that the tragedy destroyed all their future plans and the discovery that there were no physical therapy and rehabilitation programs in the entire country of Ukraine. However, her spinal cord injury became the catalyst for Natalia’s church to begin working with people suffering from similar disabilities. This initial program to train church volunteers in a few short years became Ukraine’s first rehabilitation center for those living with such disabilities known as the Agape Rehabilitation Complex. As part of Agape, CHSC Physical Therapist Carrie Moss’s initial project to train Church volunteers has become the first physical therapy school in Ukraine to train Ukrainian physical therapists.

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