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Soddo Orphan Fund

Soddo Orphan Fund

Soddo Ethiopia Child Sponsorship Program

Help us bring hope to a child orphaned and abandoned because their mother died in childbirth. Here is how you can help!
1) You can sponsor a child getting formula and basic needs, the cost of which is about $100/month ($1200 for the year);
2) Sponsor daycare the cost of which is about $45 a month ($540/year); 3) You could also sponsor a child for one year with both formula, basic needs, and care for $145/month ($1740 for the year);
One time donations are also needed of any size are needed while we develop monthly sponsors and assure we can sustain this program into the future.

Orphaned or abandoned babies are put into the local orphanage. The orphanage does the best they can, but there are three women to care for 25 babies under a year old all together in one small room. There is formula but it is difficult to get and very expensive. Because formula is so expensive, the orphanage has to dilute it which deprives the babies of sufficient calories to grow and develop properly and it’s heartbreaking. Ethiopia does not allow any international adoption in southern Ethiopia.

Local solution to this problem: the local Christian Church is willing to help find families to adopt these infants. This is called domestic adoption and it’s awesome! It allows these babies to find homes within their own culture and be loved and cared for by Ethiopian families. Many mothers are willing to adopt now because it is being promoted by the church and no longer has as much negative stigma! However, most families live in poverty and cannot afford the cost of the expensive formula these infants need the first year of their life. The first 3 years are really cost prohibitive for willing parents. These adoptive families want to help take these babies and only need temporary help as after the first year most families “can” afford a child because they can survive on local food which is pretty inexpensive. The majority of the families have related women in the family who are willing to care for the infants. Other families have Moms who are either the only wage earner or both Mom and Dad work for minimal wages, without other family members who could help care for the child. These families would need help paying for a nanny to care for the child for three years while they are at work. After that the children are in school.



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