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Soddo Orphan Fund

Soddo Orphan Fund

Soddo Ethiopia Child Sponsorship Program

An estimate of nearly 676 per 100,000 mothers die in Ethiopia each year during child birth.  Entrusting thousands of children to their families, communities, nation & the world.  Partaking in that responsibility, the local churches & CHSC staff members have begun providing baby formula, essential fundamental resources and childcare for the orphaned children of Soddo Ethiopia.

At the moment by law, international adoption is prohibited in Southern Ethiopia.  For this reason, the local Christian Church has been advocating for more domestic adoption.  This has allowed these babies to find homes within their own culture and be loved and cared for by Ethiopian families.  However, most families live in poverty and connot afford the costs such as formula which these infants need for the first year of life.  

Therefore, as an effort to assist the already impoverished families lovingly adopting these children, the Soddo Child Sponsorship program has committed to supporting the first years of the orphaned child’s integration into the family.  For a few dollars a month you can join us in providing sufficient nutritional baby formula, basic resources such as clothing and childcare for those children not adopted by families yet.

Here are the ways you can provide!
1) $145 per month or $1,740 per year provides Formula, Support for Caregivers & other basic essentials.

2) $100 per month or $1,200 per year provides Support for Caregivers.

3) $45 per month or $540 per year provides Formula & other basic essentials

4) One time donations of any size are needed while we develop monthly sponsors and assure we can sustain this program into the future.



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