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Saboba Medical Center

Saboba Medical Center

Located on the border between Ghana & Togo, the Assemblies of God Hospital called Saboba Medical Center, serves a very poor population in a remote part of northeastern Ghana.  The majority of the patients are peasant farmers who live from one harvest to the next.  Depending solely on the hospital for their medical care.  The Sobabo Medical Center has been a beacon of hope in this area since 1949.  Beginning first as a clinic, the facilities later became a hospital during a small tribal war in 1994, as the people in the region had nowhere else to go.  Currently, the hospital is in desperate need of revitalizing its operating equipment & patient care facilities.  Working alongside the Ghanaian people, CHSC is assisting in developing a long lasting quality healthcare facility at Saboba Medical Center.

With your partnership, we can provide the much needed surgical equipment, educational scholarships & structural development for Saboba Medical Center.



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