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One Child at a Time

One Child at a Time

One Child a Time

Around the world thousands of children are born each year with cleft deformities.  Many of those children will not live to see their fifth birthday due to malnutrition and recurrent respiratory infections.  Those who do survive, may be left living in communities that view them only as an outcast or without worth.  Resulting in the desperate need for someone to engage their lives both physically & spiritually.   CHSC’s Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, saw this great need and began the “One Child at a Time” program.

This program strives to heal the sick & restore the outcast no matter their shape or size.  Please join us in bringing life saving surgery and the life saving gospel of Jesus Christ to one child at a time around the world.

The average cost for each pediatric plastic surgery is $400 to $600, with some very complicated cranial reconstruction cases costing upward of $4,000 for pediatric ICU care and needed surgical plating.

You can help by texting the word India to 71777 to make a donation today!

Thanks for your prayers and support!!!!

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