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One Child at a Time

One Child at a Time

One Child a Time

Around the world, many thousands of children are born each year with clefts and other craniofacial deformities. Many of those children will not live to see their fifth birthday due to malnutrition and recurrent respiratory infections.  Those who do survive may be left living in communities that view them only as an outcast or without worth.  CHSC has two full-time pediatric plastic craniofacial surgeons, one based in Kenya and one in the Middle East, that perform hundreds of these specialized child surgeries. In addition to providing advanced specialty surgery for children in Kenya and the Middle East, the One Child at a Time program brings these advanced surgeries to children African interior. It is unique because it utilizes CHSC career specialty surgeons already stationed in developing countries, to regularly visit much more remote facilities. This program also works to build the surgical skills of local physicians to educate them in some of the simpler procedures such as Cleft surgery.

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