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Nyankunde Hospital fund

Nyankunde Hospital fund

Nyankunde Hospital has faced a financial crisis in the past few months. The causes are complicated, but the results are clear.

  1. The Hospital workers are paid a fraction of their salary corresponding to the funds received.  For the past several months, workers have been paid about half their salary.  If you make 100$/ a month, and you get half of that, it becomes difficult to make ends meet.  Morale these days is pretty low and we have employees who struggle to feed their families.
  2. The hospital struggles to purchase even basic supplies. At present we are running out of everything in the OR.  I simply don’t have appropriate sizes of suture and we run out of basic items like anesthetic supplies and gloves. When the hospital does buy supplies, they buy a tiny amount and it runs out quickly.
  3. Basic medicines are in short supply. Lindsey has been going crazy because in the heart of malaria season, we ran out of basic malaria medicines. The lab struggles to do blood transfusions because they run of out of reagents.

The solution is to fix the problem which has caused the current financial crisis, to keep the hospital running and provide essential care.  Nyankunde Hospital is a referral hospital which serves an extremely poor population.  Working within the rubric of the Congolese health structures means that patient fees are dictated at a governmental level. In the meantime the hospital receives very little support.  There are many complicated issues and our current  Administration is working on them. They have strived to manage finances and demonstrate transparency.  In the meantime we are faced with needing to replace expensive pieces of equipment such as an autoclave and imaging equipment with very little local resources to do so.  At this time it kind of seems like everything is breaking and the hospital has no money to fix things.

In addition to the basic supplies we need to keep the hospital running, we also need to buy an autoclave to replace one which has recently developed an irreparable crack. We need to purchase surgical supplies, including suture, gloves, gauze, drapes, anesthetic materials, etc.

If you would like to help, you can make a contribution under our name by clicking on the Christian Health Service Corps and designate the money for Hospital supplies and equipment. Any amount will help us to keep caring for patients here.  We are trying to raise $10,000 to cover these costs. Your donations will be used to purchase critical supplies and this will help to keep the hospital running. Above all please pray that God will help us here at Nyankunde to share the Gospel of Christ through compassionate health care.

Sincerely, Warren and Lindsey Cooper


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