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Nyankunde Hospital Chapel fund

Nyankunde Hospital Chapel fund

We want you to know that the initiative to rehabilitate the CME-Nyankunde Hospital Chapel has officially begun this past week!  It feels very significant for many of the staff and members of the community.  We have heard locals say things like, “Praise the Lord.  It is finally time!”  There have been a lot of people walking by, observing, watching as this is a very public area.  It is the very last building to undergo rehabilitation since the way in 2002.

We have believed that this day would come.  We were just waiting to see local initiative, a sign that this really matters to people, before we offered to help.  In the past few months the hospital has raised some funds and has made >50,000 bricks that can be used in the project.  An elder friend of mine from Redeemer Church in California contacted me independently about such a project.  The congregation then made a goal to raise $15,000 in about 2 months from bake sales, art, etc… They did it and this has allowed CME to begin the rehabilitation work.

We continue to receive inquiries and funds from individuals who hear about this and are moved to give.  The Congolese are raising funds also through social media and networking, which is so encouraging!  I am writing to ask you to pray and consider participating in this project.

  • Pray that God would be honored in a very special way.
  • Pray that this gives the staff encouragement to be moving forward in a particularly difficult financial time (Ebola, elections, etc).
  • Pray for the remaining funds to do the finishing work to come in (total project estimated at $33,000). We have the $20,000 needed to do the demolition, reconstruct the walls, redo the foundation, and do roofing with supports.  The remaining amount will be used for plumbing, electric, interior and exterior doors, windows, etc.  Then there will be other costs to furnish the building such as seating, a projector, a screen, making the building handicapped accessible (sidewalks), etc that will come after.

We leave soon on home leave and want to send this out now.  If you would like to help us in some way, you can contact us privately at  To give financially, simply click here.

Thank you considering this and keeping us in your prayers.

Here is a link to a video we made over the summer about the project:

Lindsey and Warren Cooper; +243 975206482

Here are a few photos of the project as it progresses and some of the fundraising efforts.


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