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Nurse Housing in Angola

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.  However, for the nursing staff of Kalukembe hospital home is a place where fear and danger reigns.   

Kalukembe Hospital is a rural district mission hospital where many patients come from poor remote areas and have opportunities to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ while being cared for.  Unfortunately, retaining staff and their families is extremely difficult.  Current housing for staff are old structures that are in desperate need of repair or replacement.  Crumbling walls, multiple holes in roofs where rain comes through; and even pieces of the roof have fallen, which nearly killed a nurse’s daughter.  Lavatories are decaying and insufficient for the number of dwellings residents there.  The nurses desperately need to have safe and reliable homes for their families. CHSC will help provide that basic amenity for the staff, to enable them to continue caring for the patients and find encouragement to stay serving God at Kalukembe!

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