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A Labor of Love: Tarahumara

A Labor of Love: Tarahumara

In many villages of the Sierra Madre of Northern Mexico, malnutrition and infectious diseases kill up to 50% of children by age 5, prevention and health education are vital to addressing this problem. This high percentage of child deaths is on par with some of the poorest countries in the world. Yet this exists only a few hundred miles from the US border.  Our staff at Hospital Tarahumara provides pediatric intensive care for children with severe acute malnutrition. They also provide education and assistance for families to prevent disease malnutrition within the context of their own life circumstances. We realize however prevention of this problem is the best method for addressing this challenge. CHSC healthcare professionals come alongside the mothers and families of the community by equipping them for a healthy start-right from day one. The program provides mothers of new babies with greatly needed supplies (blankets, clothing, and hygiene articles). During their hospital stay and clinic visits, parents also receive education on how to prevent most of the causes of child death.

Dr. Jessee Bustinza speaks to childhood malnutrition in the Tarahumara



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