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Rural Mobile Clinic Pakistan

Since starting his mobile clinic 10 years ago, Dr. Parvez has developed a solid team to assist him in bringing the physical & spiritual healing to the rural communities of Pakistan.   Amongst his team are Midwifes, Nurses, Paramedics & community health educators.  Together they travel across harsh terrain in hopes to provide consistent care to the poor and needy.   Our CHSC staff members thrive amidst the hardest environments around the world.  Despite the adversities at every corner, physicians & healthcare professionals like Dr. Tariq Parvez bring medical care at any means possible.   In Pakistan, more than 74% of non-urban communities have extremely limited access to any form of Maternal & child health services.  Nearly 7 in 10 women in Pakistan report at least one major problem in accessing health care for themselves.  These problems include social and physical barriers.  Weather from the nearby Himalayas makes the roads unmanageable for normal transportation.  Leaving hundreds of people in the rural communities isolated from care.  Instead of waiting for the sick to come to them, the medical outreach team from Luke Care Ministries has dedicated themselves to bringing medical care to those in hard to reach places.  

Join us as we raise 23,000 dollars to purchase a solid vehicle for the Mobile Clinic in Pakistan.   A vehicle which is vital in their efforts to caring for their neighbors.  



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