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Bado Bado

Every night before going to sleep Oscar prays “God, thank you for giving me a passport”. I think this is exactly what the Bible means by the term “childlike faith”. Oscar knows in his sweet little toddler sized heart that God will provide this passport, Mom and Dad are being taught a lesson in faith by our three year old!

Bado bado is Swahili for “not yet”. That’s the simple update on our journey to take Oscar to the states. Oscar’s passport application is still being processed. Two weeks after submitting his application we received a phone call from the Department of Immigration. I thought they were calling to tell us his passport was ready. Nope. They requested more documentation. It took us a couple of weeks to track down their requests but we did eventually get it done. We submitted everything via email. Now we are waiting once again.

In my latest conversation with the immigration office I was told that Oscar’s passport will be ready Monday. We have plans to make the trip to Kisumu on Monday and hopefully stay there until we are given a passport. Will you please join us in praying fervently that Oscar will receive his passport on Monday?


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