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“B,” a Sponsor

Bacteria, Boils, Belly Buttons, and Blenders

The letter “B” is a proud sponsor of this week’s update! Blessings abounded in ministry, as usual, but some of the besetting botherations we, or ministry partners, battled are bulleted below.
    • K., who works with us six days a week, tested positive for a typhoid infection this week. Ask for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery and that his family and we do not contract the bacteria as well. He helps us with food preparation, as well as helping us and others in many duties.


    • Debbie was homebound much of the week with a boil that made wearing shirts very painful. Thankfully vinegar compresses and turmeric paste brings healing and relief. However, the experience gave her a greater appreciation of the horror Job suffered in having boils all over his body!


    • Verlin has the belly-button blues. It appears a late-onset trocar site umbilical hernia has developed over the last month related to his March laparoscopic appendectomy. Although it does not require immediate attention, ask for wisdom to discern the “when and where” of possible medical care.


    • The blender in our kitchen is getting a workout preparing cabbage juice. Our pastor’s wife suffers from ulcers. Insufficient antibiotic treatments she received over the past year did not resolve the problem. She wanted to try natural remedies with no more antibiotics for now, and so we take her a glass of cabbage juice that she takes morning and night followed or preceded by two tablespoons of olive oil. Verlin also gave other nutritional instructions that she follows. Finally, after months of excruciating pain, she experiences a little relief. She no longer moans in her sleep. Next week we will teach the family how to prepare the juice and encourage other food choices that may help.

Sheep and Goats


Developing sheep husbandry

Although the Scripture has plenty to say about sheep and goats, that is not why they get space in this paragraph. Instead, we correct a mistake made two weeks ago about an animal husbandry project. The description is honest and successful — we just were mistaken about the animal! Sheep, not goats, are being raised by that Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainer in his village, where others also teach neighbors to raise them. Verlin got to see part of the work last Saturday.


2019 Scientific Congress
collection of abstracts

Imagine you never attended college, but the Lord sets an opportunity for you to share at your state’s university about a project you undertook in your town. You stand before erudite professionals of your nation and share a PowerPoint presentation. In it, you explain how the Lord gave you insight and know-how through CHE to develop a project that blesses your family and other community members. Praise God for CHE practitioners who shared in 2019 at the Scientific Congress. Some will share this September once again. They give glory to Jesus and demonstrate effective community transformation with no government funding or higher education. Trust the Lord with us for their testimony impacting many again!

Prayer & Praise

    • ???? Pray for CHE workers around the country who work to prepare reports for the Scientific Congress in September. For some of them, it will be their first presentation at a university. During the first Congress in 2019, several of the rural presentations gained great interest as examples of the genuine efficacy of CHE.


    • ???? Pray for K., our faithful Ivorian co-laborer, who was diagnosed with typhoid on Friday. Unfortunately, this disease is common in our region. Also, ask the Lord to give Verlin wisdom in dealing with the hernia.


    • ???? We join others praying for Cuba and Haiti, especially Christians who may be particularly vulnerable.
Your Partners in the Gospel,

Verlin and Debbie


Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is a mission of dedicated medical professionals who participate in the CHE Global Network. Together, in a loose affiliation of individuals, churches, denominational, and nondenominational agencies, we share God’s Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Verlin and Debbie accept donor partners to contribute as led to provide support as we maintain residential ministry in Cote d’Ivoire to expand CHE ministries under the auspices of CHSC & Ivorian partners. Tax-deductible contributions by check are to be made payable to the CHSC with Andersons #0118 written on the memo line. Mail to CHSC – PO Box 132 – Fruitvale, TX 75127. Give online via the CHSC @ (3% fee) or TDF (0% fee).


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