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Natalia Suits


The Lord wooed my heart to missions at an early age. Raised in Spain in a loving missionary family, I spoke Spanish and I saw the impact of Christ’s love on people’s lives. However it wasn’t till I was 11 when we were returning to the US, that I came to know the Lord for myself. The prospect of returning to my “home” country, culture, school, and friends I didn’t know was overwhelming, and God, in His great love, became the one constant in my life which I’ve treasured ever since. On graduating from high school, my choice of career proved easy - one that would be of use overseas! I trained as an RN and then took a diploma of nursing in tropical medicine at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK. I have always enjoyed interacting with other cultures and have loved the opportunities over the past decade to take Jesus’ love to Central America, Eastern Europe and East Africa. I am excited to now be taking the step of serving long-term in Honduras at Loma de Luz.

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You Take My Breath Away

It was God’s grace and direction that they did because Maria, the sixteen-year-old in the ambulance, was in respiratory failure due to a poisoning.

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I would like a donut.

I love apple fritters personally over most donuts, but down here in Honduras the kind of donut that I really wanted was the “magic donut” aka a CT scanner.

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When the ordinary is difficult. Part 1

Moving down to Honduras and working in a mission hospital has been one of my dreams for so long. I knew that things would be difficult when working overseas but I’m not sure I knew how losing patients would look/feel/quake at my heart. So here is the start of my

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Honduras is in Pain

  A woman waiting for hours in labor to meet her new baby, children with coughs that turned into pneumonia and new personnel coming into the hospital needing orientation. Friends leaving that may or may not come back. This is what my first two weeks in Honduras was made up of,

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Hold on baby girl!

How did I end up in this hospital room taking care of this tiny premature baby girl? The doctor had called me ten minutes before shift, asking me to be the one on one nurse for the preemie that night. But I am an emergency nurse, not a neonatal ICU

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