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Haley McNeese


Haley has been a nurse at Hospital Mision Tarahumara in northern central Mexico since June 2020. She spends much of her time in a nursing leadership role at the hospital, as well as serving on the community medical outreach team. Haley has a passion for seeing wellness disparities overcome in the name of Jesus. In the midst of the many challenges faced by the Tarahumara people, God is making his presence known, and Haley is honored to share in God's vision and mission of bringing hope to this region.

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Why am I Here?

“¿Por qué estás aquí en Samachique?” My friend Abraham asked me this question a few weeks back: Why are you here in Samachique? He and I have known each other for the 1.5 years I’ve lived in Mexico, but as our friendship has deepened, so have our conversations.

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McNeese Haley

Haley is part of the CHSC “Labor of Love” that provides pediatric intensive care (and more!) for children with severe acute malnutrition. Click here to learn more and to support the program.

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Haley’s Latest Update

How is it possible that I live in a place where parents have to choose which of their children to feed, or where clean drinking water is such a luxury?

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