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Dr Jason & Lisa Como


Jason Como, MD, is a family physician. He and his family are excited to serve in Balfate, Honduras at Hospital Loma de Luz.

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“Jesus wasn’t handing out tickets to heaven; he was rearranging the world around sacrificial love. He called it ‘the Kingdom of God’” -B. Zahnd I am living an amazing life. It is not the life that I would have predicted for myself 20 or even 10 years ago. In fact,

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Ten years ago, if you would have told me that I would be serving as a missionary in a third-world country, I would have laughed in your face. Not only am I a homebody who loves being near family and friends, but the state of my faith in God was

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Breath of Life

The four month old boy lay grunting and struggling to breathe each of his 90 breaths per minute.  He  had a pulse of 230, oxygen  saturations in the 80s on several liters of oxygen…

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The Whirlwind

My heart and soul are feeling the stress and strain of living in such upheaval and change. But small mercies found here in the jungle of Honduras are soothing me, speaking peace into my unsettled spirit…

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We Learned

We unanimously voted that we still want to serve in a foreign country, among the world’s poorest populations. Even the kids want to do this, which is huge…

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Pitching Our Tent

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling (pitched His tent) among us.” John 1:14. We live in a world that needs a Savior to come and dwell among us. Here in Haiti my eyes are more open to the world that still needs God with us.

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This disease has a face

When gastroenteritis is actually a severe secretory diarrhea and the first six of those liters of normal saline can’t get a BP above 70/40…

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