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Drs. Tim & Lori Cahill


The Cahills- Tim and Lori and their children Hannah, Rebekah, and Abigail have served in Nalerigu, Ghana at BMC hospital since May 2014. Tim and Lori both graduated from residency in Family Medicine at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, TX.

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The Last 36 Hours

The last 36 hours have been quite busy at the hospital (a little more than usual). It was probably a combination of people waiting until after the New Year to come into the hospital and being short-staffed (only 2 long-term general doctors-including myself, one general surgeon, one temporary doctor, and

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Tuberculosis a Common Theme

After much thought and prayer, I finally decided to start her on anti-tuberculosis treatment to treat suspected TB pericarditis.

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A quick recap of our last several months: ▪ We finally received Hannah’s birth certificate in April- yay!- so we made a trip to the US Embassy in Accra in May to apply for her US passport (and to renew Lori’s, Rebekah’s, and Abigail’s passports as well) ▪ A couple

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Reflecting on God as the Great Physician, Part 1

I like to keep track of all the different procedures I have done here in Ghana as well as write about interesting patient cases that I have seen and been a part of managing here at Baptist Medical Centre. I was reading through a few of the cases today, and

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Back to a New Normal

I was about to leave the hospital on a Saturday afternoon after doing surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, when I received a call from Lori. There was a certain urgency that I immediately noticed in her voice, and it reminded me of the phone call she had made to me

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Return to Ghana 2017

**Disclaimer: So keeping up on blogging is not necessarily our forte 🙂 Both of us had a science major in college, and neither one of us particularly thrived at writing. However, we would like to communicate with our friends, family, and supporters about what we are doing in Ghana and elsewhere. We

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