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Horrific View

Appearances are not always as they seem. That reality resonated with Debbie this week. For a few days, she helped her parents, Eddie and Sandra Payne, sort through belongings. Within the year, they hope to move to a one-level dwelling more suited to their octogenarian health and lifestyle. She enjoyed the side benefit of new tales from their missionary career. Below is a story she heard that we reflect upon as our nation reels from sectarian-propagated violence.



Eddie Payne painting of Lausanne, Switzerland – Appearances do not always represent reality.

In 1964, the Paynes lived in Lausanne, Switzerland, to learn French before arriving in Cote d’Ivoire (and before Debbie was born). Their studies in that gorgeous setting coincided with a national celebration. During that time, Jacques Cousteau, the famous underwater explorer, built a submarine for Lausanne’s seemingly pristine Lake Léman (Lake Geneva). The goal was a tourist attraction allowing visitors a charming view of underwater life. Imagine the national horror in discovering the lake’s bottom covered with sewage illegally piped in from surrounding towns! The ambient temperature of the lake prevented the refuse from surfacing. As a result, the perpetrators did not think their “dirty secret” discoverable. Understandably, the submarine was removed, and visitors NOT granted an underwater view of the lake! According to this article, the issue of sewage continues as a health risk today. Still, the time in Lausanne was a highlight of Deb’s parents’ international experiences. The image is a picture that Eddie painted of the view from their apartment window.

Hidden Vice

As her parents’ story above reminds us, things are not always as they seem. Similarly, hidden sins never stay hidden. The Cousteau-ian deep-water exploration of the Holy Spirit in our lives sees all. The Lord doubled-home the point to share as Verlin found condensation damage beneath our place. Verlin changed the airflow. Problem solved! Likewise, hidden vices surface in actions and words expressed over time. Better to confess the private “sewage” of life and purge it by public renouncement than let a wrong become a spectacle. The uncovered wrong dishonors the Lord and ruins reputations when the foreordained display of decadent character comes to be.

Prayer and Praise

  • Pray with us as Debbie’s parents go through the process of finding and moving into a new one-level home more suited to their needs. Moving is always a hassle. Age and health issues multiply the stress. As we expect to return August 6th to W. Africa, our timeframe to help seems compressed if the annual UFHB training of September 14-18 is maintained.
  • As of May 28th, the Ivorian government confirmed 2,641 COVID-19 cases, with 32 deaths and 1,326 recoveries. People on incoming flights can expect to be quarantined for two weeks at a specific government-appointed location in Abidjan.
  • Continue to pray for Verlin’s complete healing after surgery. Talking much and eating solid food is still a challenge. His one-week follow-up visit was positive.
Your Partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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