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An All-Star Grandmother

This story happened on rounds. I love this particular grandmother, all of 5 feet tall, ripped arms, bare feet, always with a big smile on her face and a word of “thanks.” I knew she had a story.

An all-star grandmother front and center (green headscarf)

Well today she told the whole room her life story. She left a militia-occupied area in the forest where she lost everything, moving with her grandchildren to live in the nearby community called Irumu. It is a sad, yet hopeful story. You can tell by looking at her that she is hard worker. I asked what she was currently planting and she named every possible vegetable imaginable!!! I told her that I needed to visit her home and fields to learn from her. She replied that she needed to do this to feed and support her family (so encouraging!). I told her that there was a special reward in heaven for grandmothers like her. Then she told me how much the older girl struggled with losing her leg in a below the knee amputation. During a recent hospitalization, her father came for a visit. It seems that he has left the family and the girl asked him why he left. He didn’t have an answer. A tear welled up in her eyes as the story was being told. My heart was moved. I was reminded yet again that God is our Father, who looks out for us when our earthly fathers are not. I told her how much God the Father loved and treasured her and saw her struggles.

Children’s hospital ministry…it is about being the family of God to one another and loving unconditionally. It is about encouraging the beautiful reflection of God in every person we touch. It is about loving people into the Kingdom of God.


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