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AIC School of Nursing

In December we began construction of a steel roofing system for the AIC (African Inland Church) School of Nursing. The School of Nursing was started in 2010. The training program takes approximately 3.5 years to complete and once finished the students are qualified to be nurses anywhere in Kenya; although the hope is many will choose to stay in Kapsowar.

Currently, the school has about 180 students and since its inception has not had adequate space for accommodating the students. Several years ago the school started building this dormitory to solve the housing issue. Right now the ground floor is finished and occupied, the next three floors are in progress, and the big need was to finish the roofing system.

The engineer of record for the building is a Kenyan structural engineer, who also serves as the hospital board member; he is the designer of the roof system. I took on the role of the “contractor” for the project: estimating the materials, assembling the team to build the trusses and install them, and working with them through the process building the trusses as designed. The steel work: building and erecting the trusses, putting the perlins, and installing the braces took about 22 working days. The following iron sheets only took 2.5 days to install.

The project went well and was a lot of fun. I really enjoy the process of framing a building and personally I think it looks better with the framing than with the finished iron sheets on although the residents of the top floor will be appreciative of the iron sheets being in place!


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