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Speaker: Jefferson McKenney M.D.

Jefferson McKenney M.D.

Jeff McKenney, MD, FACS is a missionary surgeon.  He is Founder & President of the Cornerstone Foundation, and Asociación Piedra Angular de Houndaras, Founder and Director of Loma de Luz in Balfate Colón, Honduras– a Christian Mission Hospital, Foster Children’s Home, Bilingual School &  associated ministries.

Dr. McKenney received his MD from the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and did his initial surgical training (Internship 1981/82, Medical Dept. Head, USS Cornado, Middle East Force, 1982/83 & Residency 1983-87)  at Balboa Hospital, Naval Regional Medical Center, San Diego.  He has intentionally and proactively served in, studied and learned from medical mission outreaches in developing nations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America and the Caribbean prior to beginning the work of Loma de Luz, on the North Coast of Honduras along with his wife Rosanne in 1991.   Jeff and Rosanne moved with their young family to open this isolated Mission Hospital 18 years ago and have been daily living and working there among the rural poor to the present day.

Dr. McKenney is the author of Angel’s Tears, and The Rainwoman , with two other books underway, each about life for the rural poor and God’s grace @ Loma de Luz, where he will have just left for this conference and will return to afterwards, because our great God is at work there.

Medical Missions 101 Presentation Packing – A Missionary Surgeon’s perspective on what to bring to the Medical Mission Field in your knapsack, suitcase or coffin.

One cannot deny the great need for in surgical programs in global health. According to Lancet Commission on Global Surgery (2015) Two-thirds of the world’s population have no access to safe and affordable surgery, according to a new study in The Lancet – more than double the number in previous estimates. This study estimates 93% of people in sub-Saharan Africa cannot obtain basic surgical care. Third of all deaths globally in 2010, approximately 16.9 million, were from conditions which were treatable with surgery. However, stepping out to do surgery in the developing world can make one feel very under-equipped. Dr. McKenney will provide an overview of the necessary preparation, calling, objectives, relationships, communication skills, and attitudes vital to sustainable personal success as a medical missionary. He will also look at surgical sub-specialty fields of broadly useful generally simple materials which can actually be packed in your “knapsack, suitcase, or coffin, followed by a few case illustrations.

In the Afternoon breakout, Dr. McKenny present with Dr. Steffes, together they will discuss WHO standards and guidelines for surgical safety in developing world hospitals.

The Conference was Organized and Facilitated by CRU and CHSC to educate, encourage and engage those who share our passion for medical missions. 



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