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Christian Health Service Corps is a ministry of Christian doctors, health professionals and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to healthcare. Each year, we bring compassionate, life-saving health services to hundreds of thousands of families around the world. Our doctors and health professionals are often the only access to care for young families in poor communities.

The Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC) is dedicated to transforming the health of children and families in their communities. CHSC health professionals save many lives while imparting knowledge that builds community capacity for sustainable change. With respect for human dignity, we work to build community capacity to:

  • Promote a worldview that nurtures and supports spiritual, and physical wholeness in families
  • Ensure child survival and normal growth of children
  • Improve health infrastructure and access to functional healthcare services

Who We Are

We are Christian doctors, health professionals and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to care.

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Physical Therapists
  • Health Educators
  • Other Allied Health Practitioners
  • Public Health and Disease Prevention
  • Community Health Education
  • Pediatric Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery
  • Womens Health and Obstetrics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Tropical Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Pediatrics
  • General Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dentistry

Why We Go

To heal the sick, alleviate suffering, comfort the afflicted, and restore the outcast.

We walk along side people in their times of greatest need; demonstrating the love, mercy, and compassion our faith demands of us. Imagine your child critically injured but there is nowhere to turn for help: no hospital, no doctors, and no nurses. Imagine they were suffering from a life threatening condition such as malaria, or in need of a life-saving surgery. Imagine your only option is to watch your child die, simply because you are poor and born in a place without access to healthcare. Six million times each year mothers grieve the loss of a child under five simply because they are poor and have nowhere to turn for help.

We are fighting to save the lives of children and young mothers each day. But this a battle we cannot win without your help! Please pray about partnering with us.


Where We Serve

We are serving from two years to a lifetime in a growing list of countries which includes:



Latin America &


Eastern Europe



Cote d’Ivoire
Democratic Republic of Congo
Republic of Congo

Core Values


We bring lifesaving, compassionate healthcare to families around the world.


We believe in Equality – We are committed to providing equal access to healthcare, respecting the dignity of all people without regard to religious affiliation, race, gender, ethnicity or political affiliation. We believe all people of the world have a God-given right to pursue physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We exist as a ministry to facilitate and encourage that pursuit. Protection and promotion of human dignity is a priority in all of our programs, and in all circumstances. This applies to both patients we treat, and our local healthcare professional colleagues.

We Believe in Humility-We understand that regardless of our education, skills, ability or social status, we are no different than those we are called to serve. We are all broken vessels unworthy to be used by God, but willing to follow where He leads. We willingly assume the lowliest of tasks, especially if it means demonstrating Christ’s love and compassion to others.

We Believe in Servanthood-We believe the highest possible calling of any person is to humbly serve another, and to serve God.

We Believe in Stewardship–We see stewardship of the resources entrusted to us as part of our core values. More than 95% of every dollar donated is used to provide or facilitate healthcare ministry around the world.


Our Vision: Excellence in support, and care of healthcare missionaries. We seek to set the standard, to which other organizations aspire, in the care and support of healthcare missionaries.

As an interdenominational Christian ministry; our statement of faith is the Apostles Creed. Feel free to contact us for further details about what we believe.


Learn about CHSC training courses and service opportunities.