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3R Retreatin’

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Retool, Report, and Reflect

Despite our increasing age and experience, we still need some of the 3 Rs in our lives. Instead of readin’ writin’, and ‘rithmetic, we retreat to retool, report, and reflect with administrative staff of the Christian Health Service Corps (CHSC). The CHSC brings missionary staff apart from service to the Shalom Retreat Center and HQ sometime after a re-entry for a time of information sharing. Most mission agencies do something similar. Living in two cultures does not come naturally. It demands reappraisal and adjustment. Also, spiritual warfare and events on the mission field take physical, spiritual, and emotional tolls. This makes retreating doubly vital to have time to process it all.

Our scheduled time apart is this upcoming week at CHSC’s headquarters (HQ) in Grand Saline, Texas. It also happens to be one of two weeks per year when new medical missionaries attend their initial orientation. That works great for us. We get to update our knowledge of mission policies, retool our computer and financial partner-raising skills, benefit from special speakers and materials, AND exchange with new fellow-missionaries. Our individual meetings with staff give occasion to get questions answered, report on the successes and reboots of our past term, and pause to reflect upon our current condition and future aspirations with an available counselor. What a blessing!

“Room in the Inn”


 Groups that use Shalom Retreat Center diminish CHSC overhead and reduce missionary account expenses 

The following week of January 20-24, we will assist CHSC’s Director of Training, Dr. Laura Smelter, with a five-day, TOT1 Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training. The CHSC headquarters regularly hosts trainings to develop the use of the CHE strategies. If you, or persons you know, have been looking for a place to learn about CHE, please check out the details for this event here. There is still “room in the inn” for more to participate! We are delighted to be of service to CHSC personnel who do so much for us, while also getting to share ministry experience and our passion for CHE.

Prayer & Praise

  • Thank the Lord with us for the fourth quarter giving to our mission account. While the numbers remain incomplete, your generosity humbles us. It helped end the year well. We are grateful!
  • Pray that the Abidjan University CHE team and the National CHE initiative continue to expand witness during our absence by carrying healing and news of salvation to souls in Cote d’Ivoire.
  • We know disciples of Christ living in Nigeria who unite Christian ministries using CHE to hold good lines and overcome persecution. Some of their stories are horrifying. Pray that they stay faithful, experience the Lord’s peace, and continue to boldly share Christ. West African CHE conferences are not held there because of the dangers. Ask the Lord to give the government resolve to stop the slaughter and persecution of Christians by adherents of another religion.
  • Pray for a beneficial orientation and debriefing for CHSC missionaries next week. Please also pray for the CHE TOT1 training that will occur January 20-24 at the Shalom Retreat Center.

Your partners the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie Anderson

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AWA represents Andersons Witness in Africa.
AWA is also a brand of bottled water in Cote d’Ivoire where we serve
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