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End of the year in Africa

There’s no more invigorating way to end the year for us than for a village leader to open the door for all to hear the Good News! Here is how it happened: The slightly red tint of the little girl’s hair is often an indicator of low blood levels of iron related to a dietary deficit, or the presence of digestive tract worms that remain common to the region. The observation led to my discussing the power of beliefs to control what we eat and what we do. This followed months of weekly visits by someone being mentored to use the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) process to initiate a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) ministry using moringa there. It led today to the 100% consensus of leaders, young and old, that they needed a greater understanding of Creator God’s Spirit and God’s Word to mankind in their midst to be blessed in what they do. This is a village where someone that we mentor works so that a DMM starts with a new convert from the path of 5 pillars and a village son. We hope to simply multiply the number of group leaders. On New Year’s Day, Verlin will share an afternoon meal with the outreach leader’s family.

One day earlier, Debbie and all our earthly posterity except Cara experienced the Lord’s protection when an 18 wheeler rear-ended them in Michigan.


No one was seriously injured. Cason glanced in the rearview mirror and realized the truck behind him was going too fast to stop in the line waiting to turn left onto the interstate ramp. He swerved quickly into the right lane, and probably prevented the car from folding like an accordion with the people in it. The back windshield shattered and some pieces fell on Debbie and Suzanne’s clothes, but Chelsea did not have one piece on her. Thankfully, the police report did attribute the fault to the truck driver. Hopefully Cason’s family will be totally recompensed for the loss or repair of their vehicle and the medical expenses incurred.

Prayer and Praise

  • Ask the Lord for a great harvest in this new village opened to gospel witness.
  • Pray that the vehicle settlement will be sufficient for Cason to have a car in as good or better shape.
  • Debbie prepares to leave for Cote d’Ivoire on January 8, excited to be reunited with Verlin after our months apart. She would appreciate prayers for save travels, hard goodbyes, and strength to tie up many details this last week.
  • May you experience great joy and fruitful service as you follow Jesus in 2017! “Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered heart, which no tribulation can wear out; give us an upright heart, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside.” – Thomas Aquinas

Your partners in the Gospel,
Verlin and Debbie


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