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2017 Top Ten

Better late than never, right? Our top ten from 2017 is a list of our favorite quotes from the kids while visiting the states. They were in shock-and-awe for a good portion of the trip, completely blown away by things like Subway sandwiches, vacuum cleaners, and clean drinking water from the faucet. We were so blessed to get a little time with our family and we are eagerly awaiting our upcoming trip when Oscar will finally set foot on American soil!

So, here it is, in no particular order. Top ten quotes from the McCurry kids while in America:

10. Evelyn standing in line at Chick-Fil-A: “I’m starving for a hamburger”

9. Lyon after taking a hot shower: “Grandpa must have a really big solar panel”

8. Layla after seeing her mama drive: “Mom, you can drive?!” “Who taught you this?”

7. Lyon looking out over the vast cornfields “Will they use a panga (machete) to cut down the corn?”

6. Layla: “Does this road have speed bumps?”

5. Mom: “You can go and play in the basement”.  Layla: “What’s a basement?”

4. After a mind blowing trip to Subway. Layla: “That was amazing, we just walked in there and told them what we wanted and they made our sandwiches!”

3. Lyon, in reference to the vacuum cleaner: “This thing is awesome!”

2. Layla, walking in to our hometown Shopko: “This place is beautiful”

1. While driving by a little ski hill: “Mom, what’s that white stuff?” Mom: “it’s snow”.


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