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Back to Work

Today was a monumental day, after 5 months of sick leave I went back to work today! We’ve been back in Kapsowar for two days and overall I’ve been feeling pretty well. I definitely still have chest tightness and chest pain at times but my oxygen levels have been stable and overall I feel pretty good. Today I went back to one of my favorite parts of my job; rounding on premies and kids. I was at the hospital for about two hours, took care of 12 kiddos, and then came home for the day. At the end of the two hours, I was starting to have some chest pain and by the time I got home and made lunch for my own kids, I was pretty miserable. Thankfully I was able to lie down and rest and this evening I feel good enough to finish out all of my mom duties.

It feels so good to have the first day behind me. I’ll be slowly increasing my time in the hospital until I’m back to my usual full-time duties. Please continue to pray for strength and complete healing!

In other news, Mike got back to his usual line of duty as well and came home for lunch looking like his usual mud-stained, hard-working self. Things are starting to get back to normal around here and we are beyond thankful!


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