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Kenya – Newborns in May

McCurry BlogThe month of May has been an awful one in our New Born Unit. In the past three weeks I have lost five precious premature patients. All of them born too early, all with the complications of prematurity, all needing more advanced care than we can offer, and most of them leaving behind heartbroken mamas.

I recently was having a conversation with my cousin about sometimes feeling overwhelmed; feeling like I lose more patients than I save. The truth is, I can’t save anyone. I can only treat and the rest is up to God. I have learned not to question His authority or His plan. This week as I watched a seemingly perfect little angel slip out of this world I had to remind myself that God’s plans are always greater than my own. While I may question in my mind why God didn’t heal these babies, I have to consider that maybe the truth is that He gave them complete healing and restoration in heaven.

Please pray for our NBU, for the two patients remaining. For our nurses who have seen heartbreak after heartbreak. Pray for wisdom for myself and our social workers in making decisions about a complicated case. Pray that the love of Christ will show through our words and our actions, that each of these five mothers will feel peace from above as they mourn the loss of their littles.


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