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India – Restoring the Outcast: Patient updates from Pediatric Craniofacial Program in India

Patient Updates 

Here are some of the patients who have recently received surgery for conditions affected the head and face. Their treatment was funded either fully or partially by donations to the reconstructive surgery fund. Lokesh is a 6 month old baby boy who had a flat back of head due to a condition called multi-suture craniosynotosis. In this condition the bones of the skull fuse too early, causing an abnormal head shape and pressure on the growing brain. In order to correct the skull deformity, surgery was carried out to separate the fused bones and place metal distractors on the bone.
Following the surgery the distractors are gradually expanded, by turning a small screw, to allow the bone and surrounding tissues to gradually stretch and expand. The distraction process takes 3 months. In this time new bone is formed in the gaps, allowing sufficient space in the skull for the brain to develop normally. Lokesh recently had the distractors removed and is doing well.
(Names have been changed and eyes covered for confidentiality)


Aadit is a 9 year old boy who suffered an accidental burn to his scalp when he was younger. This had left a large area of scarring in which no hair was able to grow. Aadit was being teased at school and this had affected his self-confidence. In order to grow extra healthy scalp, tissue expanders were placed under the skin, close to the area to be repaired. Gradual expansion allows the body to “grow” extra scalp tissue. A second operation was then carried out to remove the scarred scalp areas and the expanders. The area was covered by re-positioning the new health scalp tissue.   
Aadit is happy with the result. As his hair grows it will cover the surgical scars.



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