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The Miracle Thereafter

Tio (uncle) handed me his cell phone. Even in the darkness of the picture, I could see the carnage. A cow split in half on the dirt road with three mangled bodies laying in a semi-circle around it…

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Navigating Kenya

We had to visit Nairobi a couple weeks ago to extend our visitors visa while we wait for our work permit to be approved (still waiting!)…

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Namibe and other happenings

Dear friends and family: Thank you for your continued interest and patience in spite of our slow communications! Since our last writing, we keep caring for our patients in the best our often selfish and limited abilities allow. It’s crazy how often self-righteousness creeps in and interferes with what ought

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Answering the Call

One of the challenges any hospital faces is ensuring that someone is available to care for patients with emergencies at all hours. Hospital Loma de Luz is no different…

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