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Fragile, Yet Resilient

They are so fragile and yet, shockingly resilient.  Their body’s rage with infection and fever, but they continue to breathe by their own effort.  Their tiny chest rises and falls while their skin between their ribs pulls in and out…

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Donny V and Osteomyelitis

The thing that gave me some peace was that Donny V already had a very strong faith in Jesus, and was not fearful of his mortality. On the contrary, he often would encourage me as well.

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Learning from a little girl

Some of you have followed the story of my 5-year old patient Jenina, a little girl with nephrotic syndrome (protein losing urinary disease) who has been in the hospital since January. Young Jenina went home today!

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Prevailing. With limited resources.

While working in a rural hospital, sometimes hard decisions have to be made to determine what scarce resources get to be used on an overwhelming number of patients…

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Salt Works

Another university Community Health Engagement (CHE) training is history. We thank the Lord…

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The “Butterfly” Camp for Children with Disabilities

This year’s camp for children with disabilities and their families had the theme of “Butterfly.” We had a butterfly lead our music times and a caterpillar who spent the week transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Twenty-eight families attended as well as a large number of volunteers. God richly blessed our week together!

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Pole pole, slowly slowly

The hardest moments were when the mother had to be separated from her child. At one point she had to say “goodbye” to his physical body and I could just feel her pain…

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School Fee Blues in Ghana

It’s time for students in Ghana to return to school. And one of the biggest hurdles is paying school fees. Sometimes settling bills for school fees can become a real juggling act.

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