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What are Vertical and Horizontal Approaches to Health?

Vertical and horizontal approaches to health have some fundamental differences. Vertical programs often have a preventive focus but they stem from a curative care model. As such they employ a western problem solving approach, and are often disease or health issue specific, such as AIDS or malaria. In essence, they

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Medical Missions and Participatory Learning and Action (PLA)

PLA Participatory Learning and Action has long been the foundation of best practices in community development. However, I believe it has practical application across all cross-cultural and global health work; in the community and in the hospital. I remember many years ago on a short-term surgical outreach, we had a

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Community Based Health Care

The best single resource for learning and understanding Community Based Health Care (CBHC) programs is a book entitled Setting Up Community Health Programmes: A Practical Manual for Use in Developing Countries by Dr. Ted Lankester. It is available in the US through the Hesperian Foundation (see In Chapter 1

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Special Blood

After a few phone calls to some of our special donors, two brave men, one working at Naomi’s village, and the other working at RVA came when asked to give blood to save that young mother’s life.

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This has been quite a month of quests in ministry and in the lives of people we love.

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Bright spots of answered prayer and significant advancement in the Kingdom punctuate the long stretches of pressing on through daily routines.

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