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Putting the Lid on Adverse Drug Events: Provider Side Challenges

Adverse drug reactions are now among the leading causes of death in many countries. Adverse drug events alone are estimated to account for 140,000 deaths in the US annually. One study of ambulatory care in the US showed that 1.4% of hospital admissions were for adverse drug events. A second

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A Leap of Faith: From US-Trained General Surgeon to Missionary Bush Surgeon

There seems to be a growing passion for educating and discipling national healthcare professionals to serve the rural areas of their own country. We love this concept, and it has become central to the identity of CHSC; most CHSC missionary physicians are involved with clinical education in one form or another. But jumping from being a US-trained general surgeon to an African bush surgeon is an arduous process.

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Seasons Change

a magical transformation from a bone-dry land to a lush, green place…

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Breaking records!

Today was a great day! I beat the unofficial hospital record for…

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Holy Bleach

Praise God, there is hope for our spiritual “spots and wrinkles,” even if we fail with earthly clothes!

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Naivasha Clinic

We labor to show compassionate care to all these men and women…

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WWJD:  What if Jesus went on hospital rounds with me?  

I know there are no simple answers for giving good care in mission hospitals or for being a good medical missionary, especially in settings that do clinical education. I also know that these environments can be extremely challenging and frustrating for professionals trained in the West. Finding people who are modeling best practices as “medical missionaries” and learning from them as a new missionary is crucial.

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