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All of a sudden, I am running a muscular mystery clinic and racking my brain wondering how these children have survived so long with so little help…

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Dirty Hands

Ivorians are amazed to see a white man work in fields for 5 to 7 hours in a day…

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Back to a New Normal

I was about to leave the hospital on a Saturday afternoon after doing surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, when I received a call from Lori. There was a certain urgency that I immediately noticed in her voice, and it reminded me of the phone call she had made to me

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The Book

Testimonies are abundant of those who have dreams and visions of Jesus appearing to them and saying, ‘Follow Me.’ Others will be impressed to find someone with ‘the book’ that tells the way to eternal life…

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Seeing Friends

I am challenging myself, that when I get to Africa and am invited to attend a wedding that may last all day, or if there is a church, hospital, or school meeting that will last too long, that I should go…

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May I interrupt?

…it is reassuring to know the Lord molds our original plans into works that are more beautiful and lasting…

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Man vs. bull

As the commotion erupted from the emergency entrance of the hospital, I made my way over to the ER to see what we were getting. The middle aged gentleman was obviously in a lot of pain, writhing on the stretcher…

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An “unremarkable” server

Maybe being “unremarkable” is just what your loving Heavenly Father has called you to…at least for now. Because “unremarkable” has it’s place in the Kingdom work as well…

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