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Medical Missions 101 is an online community dedicated to educating, encouraging and engaging those who share our passion for medical missions. As a community we are pursuing best evidence based practice in medical missions and global health; we invite you to join us. New educational content is added each week! If you find our content helpful, please share it!

Poverty: A Marred Identity

New on Medical Missions 101 Blog: Systemic poverty often plagues the places where global health professionals serve. Grappling with this crushing reality can be overwhelming. Community health education is one tool that can help improve the well-being and dignity of those who suffer from the effects of poverty.

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Medical Mission Team Paternalism to Health Development

In early 2004, my wife, Candi, and I joined Mercy Ships, an international hospital ship program that at that time also facilitated community-based projects while the ships are in port. We turned to using health development program models to design short-term land based global health initiatives after joining. Re-developing the

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Spending Time in Her Shoes

The experience of life in the developed world is very different from that of the developing world. How can western health educators understand the lives of the people they serve? They need personal knowledge of the daily challenges that people in the local community face. Preparing Westerner Health Educators for the

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Medical Missions 101 Gathering Dallas/ Ft Worth

Saturday May 19th 2018

Hope Center Plano Texas


Join us for our Dallas/ Ft Worth medical missions gathering.
Together we will study best practices in medical missions and global health,
assess strategies for effectiveness, and hear from speakers working full-time in medical missions.

WWJD:  What if Jesus went on hospital rounds with me?  

New on Medical Missions 101: I know there are no simple answers for giving good care in mission hospitals or for being a good medical missionary, especially in settings that do clinical education. I also know that these environments can be extremely challenging and frustrating for professionals trained in the West. Finding people who are modeling best practices as “medical missionaries” and learning from them as a new missionary is crucial.

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6 Lifesaving Interventions for Children in a Low-income Countries

Saving the lives of children is one of the greatest joys of medical mission work. What if you could save the lives of not a few but of many children? This blog shares six very basic interventions that can help you achieve that aim.

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A Leap of Faith: From US-Trained General Surgeon to Missionary Bush Surgeon

There seems to be a growing passion for educating and discipling national healthcare professionals to serve the rural areas of their own country. We love this concept, and it has become central to the identity of CHSC; most CHSC missionary physicians are involved with clinical education in one form or another. But jumping from being a US-trained general surgeon to an African bush surgeon is an arduous process.

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CHCS Missionary Interviews

Are you feeling called to serve as a long-term medical missionary?

Here is an opportunity to learn from CHSC missionaries serving long-term around the world.

In these interviews missionaries share advice for new missionaries, as well as some of the great blessings and challenges of serving as medical missionaries.

If you would like access to this area please contact us.

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May 19 - May 19

Medical Missions 101 Gathering

Join us in Plano, Texas to learn best practices in medical missions.

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June 25 - June 30

Global Health and Tropical Medicine Overview

For healthcare professionals and students - gain knowledge and skills for global health service.

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July 26 - July 31

Introduction to Disaster and Refugee Response: Sphere International Standards

For all learners - respond with life-saving and dignity-upholding measures.

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August 20 - August 24

Community Health Evangelism Training of Trainers 1

For all learners - prepare for wholistic, transformational community health and development.

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An Evidence Based Guide for Best Practices in Global Health Initiatives

When Healthcare Hurts is the first book to look seriously at the challenges of patient safety and developmental safety in global health missions, and it defines evidence based guidelines through which these issues can be addressed.