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Africa Staff

Christian Health Service Corps is a community of Christian doctors, health professionals and health educators serving the poor in places that have little or no access to healthcare. Every day we bring compassionate, life-saving health services to families around the world.  CHSC physicians and health professionals are often the only access to care for young families in poor communities.


Anderson Verlin and Debbie

Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa - CHE Missionaries

Life and ministry in Africa are not new to our family. We purposefully prepared for it. Saved as children, we met while completing our college degrees in Nashville (Verlin: BSN Nursing, 1994, and B.A. Pastoral Administration/Missions, 1987; Debbie: B.S. Secondary Education/English, 1987), married, and began raising a family. Responding to the Lord’s call in 1997, we joined our Baptist mission through whom we served 16 years in Cote d’Ivoire. We worked in church-planting efforts, but focused on introducing Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in as many venues as possible. Living through three armed conflicts convinced us even more that CHE is a tool that brings lasting transformation to individuals and communities. Many poor in Cote d’Ivoire languish without access to clean water, healthcare, education, and shelter. Malnutrition, AIDS, malaria, and other preventable diseases ravage daily life. We work in partnership with public and Christian groups throughout the country, facilitating Community Health Evangelism (CHE) teams. Daily ministry with Ivorians includes modeling disease prevention and good nutrition, demonstrating microenterprise and Farming God’s Way, and sharing Jesus in word and deed. Individual lives are changed physically, spiritually and socially by Christ. Local churches grow and show community transformation that endures and improves throughout generations. Our passion is to further fuel and equip West African CHE teams who strive to multiply hope in their neighborhoods, their country, and their continent.      



Kenya, East AfricaGeneral Surgeon - Kijabe Hospital

The Need: Five billion people have no access to essential surgical care especially in low- and middle- income countries. There is a critical shortage in surgically trained health care workers in low and middle-income countries. 93% of Sub Saharan Africa has no access to surgical services. Untreated surgical conditions now kill more people than HIV, TB and Malaria combined. Mission: To meet the surgical needs of Africa through the education and mentoring of future Surgeons and Healthcare Workers, giving a witness as we follow Christ and sharing this burden with our African brothers and sisters. Tim Berg is a General Surgeon serving with the Surgical Team at Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, participating in the PAACS program for Surgical Education. He and his wife, Linda, an English teacher, hail from the Texas Hill Country town of Kerrville. Linda is teaching at the nearby Rift Valley Academy, whose mission is to provide education for missionary children from all over Africa. Tim and Linda have 5 children: Hannah, 21, a junior at Wheaton College in Illinois, Stephen, 19, a sophomore at Texas A&M University, Ruthie, 17, a junior at Rift Valley Academy, Samuel, 15, a sophomore at Rift Valley Academy, and Deste, age 6, a Kindergartener at Rift Valley Academy.      


Brockington Drs. Jared & Jenny

KenyaPediatrics and Family Medicine - PCEA Chogoria Hospital

Drs. Jared and Jenny Brockington met in Abilene, Texas during undergraduate at Abilene Christian University. They both knew they wanted to be doctors before they knew one another, and though being pre-med was something they had in common, their faith was what connected them. While in school, they participated in multiple short-term medical trips to serve the people of rural Guatemala and Indonesia. Two weeks after graduation, they married in Abilene and traveled to Uganda to work alongside a Christian physician before starting medical school that fall. After the trip to Uganda and then Zambia, they knew God had called them to live out their Christian faith as physicians overseas. They both attended Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City, Missouri where they each earned a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. After finishing medical school, they moved to Houston, Texas for residency training. Jared completed his training in Pediatrics in 2014 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. Jenny completed her training in Family Medicine in 2014 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. While in residency, Jenny also completed the Diploma of Tropical Medicine Program through the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. For 2 years they have integrated medicine, prayer, and Christ’s power to heal the body, mind, and spirit at Child Legacy Hospital near rural Msundwe, Malawi, and are excited to be moving to Chogoria, Kenya to serve at PCEA Chogoria Hospital in 2017. Jared and Jenny are both D.O.’s. Jared specializes in pediatrics, while Jenny practices family medicine.      


Cahill Tim & Lori

GhanaFamily Practice Physicians - BMC Hospital

The Cahills- Tim and Lori and their children Rebekah and Abigail have served in Nalerigu, Ghana at BMC hospital since May 2014. Tim and Lori both graduated from residency in Family Medicine at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, TX and recently transferred to CHSC from Samaritan's Purse.      


Caire Dr. Will and Allison

KenyaFamily Practice MD - Kijabe Mission Hospital

Mission: God is redirecting us from Peru to serve in Kenya at Kijabe Mission Hospital and Rift Valley Academy.      


Cooper Dr. Warren and Dr. Lindsey

Democratic Republic of CongoPediatrics and General Surgery - Centre Medicale Evangelique-Nyankunde

Dr. Warren and Dr. Lindsey Cooper serve as missionary physicians with CHSC in D.R. Congo. Their Mission is to serve the people of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo through healthcare missions at Centre Medicale Evangelique-Nyankunde and help them to know Jesus. Lindsey and Warren Cooper moved to Nyankunde in 2013 to participate in the renovation of surgical care through a new facility and in healthcare teaching. Warren spends much of his time training/teaching the residents and young physicians. Lindsey is a pediatrician with experience in intensive care. She focuses on working with children who suffer from malnutrition, complications of heart disease, and works to improve overall nursing care. Nyankunde Hospital serves a population ravaged by war, poverty, and displacement, with the hospital itself having experienced much bloodshed. They hope that their presence offers hope to the people for a brighter future and belief that God can make all things new.      


Cummings Dr. Daniel and Dr. Priscilla

Serving in AngolaEmergency Medicine and OBGYN - Kalukembe Hospital

Mission: Kalukembe Hospital is a 300-bed, 100-year-old district hospital established by Swiss missionaries and now run by a national denomination, IESA. It has been over 20 years without a full-time physician, with nurses managing the many aspects of patient care. Daniel (emergency medicine) and Priscila (OBGYN) are returning to serve the people of this rural area. They worked briefly there before (2012-2013); and they are looking forward to renewing relationships and beginning new ones on the wards and in the nursing, laboratory-technician and Bible schools.      


Holland Dr. Roger & Rita

Addis Abba, EthiopiaFamily Physician - Myungsung Christian Medical Center

Mission: Roger is to be the Chair of Family and Community Medicine at Myungsung Medical College (MMC) and Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCMC) which are mission projects of Myungsung Korean Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea. He has been asked to develop an internship program for the new medical school – now entering its 4th of a six year program – and to develop a Family Medicine Residency program, which will be the first residency program at MCMC. In addition, he has been asked to teach research principles and clinical skills to students in MMC. Rita’s prayer is to be used by God in spiritual discipleship and English language training of staff through TESL, working with a nutrition and Bible-teaching program for street children and as a chaplain for the female medical students.      


Mabongor Shem & Catherine

UgandaPrimary Healthcare Missions and Vocational Training

Mission: Shem and Catherine may come from different cultures with different languages and colors but they are united in their vision. They both feel called by God to minister to the people of Uganda. They are compelled by the love of God to show His love to others. It is a powerful force that comes not from a sense of moral obligation or an unfulfilled desire to be needed. They know it is the Spirit of God anointing them for the task of being His hands and His feet with the heart of a servant. The people of Uganda are not here just so Shem and Catherine have something to do. They are not a task for the Mabongors accomplish - but people, created in the image of God and loved by their creator. After serving on the Buvuma Islands for many years, Shem and Catherine have now moved home to Shem's village of Mbale. They are in the beginning phases of setting up a vocational training school to provide a place for the children of that area ages 12-17 who have lost one or both parents to war or AIDS. Catherine also provides primary healthcare and health educaton through the local health system. To keep updated with the very latest news from Shem and Catherine, check out their personal website and blog at      


McCurry Dr Ashley and Mike

KenyaFamily Practice - Kapsowar Mission Hospital

Mission: To serve the people of Kenya through practical means including medicine and engineering with an overall message of God's love. Mike and Ashley along with their children have been living in Kenya for the past two years serving at Kapsowar Mission Hospital through Samaritan's Purse Post Residency Program. Having finished the two-year commitment through Samaritan's Purse, they feel called to continue living out their faith among the people in Kenya. Ashley is a family practice physician and Mike is a mechanical engineer. They have both been blessed to witness what God can do when His people say "yes" to the call to missions.      


Tompkins Dr. Troy & Jammie

GhanaFamily Doctor & Nurse Practitioner - City of Refuge Orphanage

Mission: God has called our family to work with the City of Refuge ministries in Ghana. City of Refuge is an orphanage that rescues children trafficked from the huge lake Volta. Children that were previously mistreated and abused for the first time can attend a Christian school and now have a loving home. However, they are in need of medical care and City of Refuge has asked my wife and I to come and start a clinic to serve not only the orphanage, but also the school and the nearby community which has no healthcare provider. Troy is a family doctor and Jammie a family nurse practitioner. We will serve together with our two children, Yvette and Timothy. We have also been blessed to work alongside Dayo Obewa, the Coordinator for Medical Ambassadors International for all of West Africa. We will assist him in training local leaders in community health evangelism, who can then reach out and serve in their own local communities focusing on helping these communities help themselves by using their own strengths and local resources to minimize their dependence on outsiders.      


Yates Adam and Dr. Michelle

EthiopiaFamily Medicine, OB, HIV - Soddo Christian Hospital

Mission: Michelle is planning to serve the people of Ethiopia with her skills as a primary care physician and with her extra training in OB and HIV medicine. She hopes to be intimately involved in teaching Ethiopian doctors, and discipling them to reach their country with the gospel of Christ. Adam will use his skills as an engineer to meet the technology needs of a mission hospital and teach others to do the same. Using the principles of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) they will be seeking to grow the health care capabilities of the community starting at the community level on up to the hospital setting. They are blessed to be partnering with the Simpson Family to pursue this work in this season.      


Young, Bob and Dr. Jean

GhanaMissionary Surgeon and Evangelist - Assemblies of God Hospital, Saboba

Mission: We have served in Ghana since 1988, working mostly in underserved rural areas in Northern Region. For twelve years we have worked in Saboba on the Togo border, where Jean is the Medical Superintendent and only doctor for the Assemblies of God Hospital, Saboba (previously called Saboba Medical Centre), a 99 bed Assemblies of God, Ghana mission hospital. AGHS offers a full range of services to more than 90,000 people in Ghana and Togo. Bob volunteers in the Maintenance Department at AGHS, preaches in local churches, and is a founder and active participant in the Local Council of Churches. We also host volunteer groups, both Ghanaian and expatriate.      



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