Medical Mission Trips



Any and all proceeds from this book are used to support the work of Christian Health
Service Corps missionaries serving in hospitals and health programs around the world.



Medical Mission Trips

We are now accepting applications for 2011
Medical Mission Trips.

Christian Surgical Teams Needed for
Multiple Locations

Surgical teams are scheduled based on team and facility needs


Our community health mission trips are in large part an educational quality improvement initiative. They provide maternal and child healthcare and are designed to assure short-term medical mission volunteers have the needed training to DO NO HARM. This training initiative is in response to reported cases of serious complications resulting from the unintentional neglect of international medical safety standards by medical teams. 

If you are an individual we have a number of short-term medical mission opportunities designed to help you learn safe practice models for healthcare missions. We seek to develop medical mission team leaders for churches and medical mission organizations that understand the complexities of safe cross-cultural healthcare missions.

2011 Medical Mission Trips

January - Dominican Republic
February – Haiti
March - Central America
April - Peru
June - Philippines (students)
June - Sierra Leone
July - Central America
August - Haiti
September – Central America
October – Pakistan


2011 Medical & Nursing Student
Mission Trips


Students are welcome on all of our mission trips but these trips were designed exclusively for medical and nursing students.


June 1st to the 15th and June 15th to the 30th


Many of these trip dates are available for groups such as Christian university students, Christian professional associations, and churches. Team members are asked to cover their expenses during their time of service with us. The typical mission trip expenses range from $500 to $1500 plus airfare depending on the length of trip and destination. Housing, food and ground transportation are included. Airfare is additional and will vary depending upon location and departure city.

All the volunteers must complete the WHO/UNICEF computer based training modules for child health prior to serving. Our team members receive training on these standards as well as safe and effective methods to meet human health needs in developing communities. It is our prayer team members will carry this training forward to churches and other organizations.

Opportunities for more advanced training on community health programming and disaster response are also offered at various locations throughout the year.

See Mission training opportunities.

If you are a church, medical mission team’s organization or educational institution, we want to be a resource for you, below are ways we can assist:

  1. We provide training for church teams and organizations through our “Operating Responsible Healthcare Missions Seminar”-  A one day seminar designed to teach safe practice medical mission practice methods
  2. Team Leadership- we provide experienced medical mission team leaders with understanding of international health safety standards and cross-cultural medical ministry for your outreach
  3. We can schedule medical mission trip for your church, organization, or educational institution at one of many international locations that will give your volunteers an opportunity to engage in safe medical missions that observes international health standards

The Christian Health Service Corps is a Christian medical missions program and requires all those who serve to commit willingly to follow the directives of their team leaders, and/or organization to which they are assigned, and to faithfully conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Lord while serving. This includes refraining from any behavior that could compromise the Christian witness of the partnering organizations or facilities (i.e. the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual immorality, abusive language).  We are aware the use of alcohol is deemed acceptable in many Christian communities around the world. However, we ask all team members refrain from the use of alcohol during their time of service as a matter of respect of our local partners. Tobacco products are also prohibited.