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Go West

Packing for travel in rural Africa is always an adventure, including tools and supplies to pull out of a mud pit, bridgeless stream, or sand pile.

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Fret Not

Maybe like King David we need to pour our hearts out in lament as he did in the psalms. “How long, O Lord?”

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On Call

Our house has certainly felt like a Help Desk this week. There has been a stream of friends and strangers flowing in and out daily…

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The Whirlwind

My heart and soul are feeling the stress and strain of living in such upheaval and change. But small mercies found here in the jungle of Honduras are soothing me, speaking peace into my unsettled spirit…

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Hoopla or HUPLA?!?

Believers in America and elsewhere sadly acknowledge that, while millions of people gather regularly for services with exciting worship and energetic preaching, young people are leaving their ranks in droves. Also, the lifestyle of many “Christians” seems barely different than unbelievers. Where has the Church gone wrong? Can we usher

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Proven and True

The Lord equips and strengthens Ivorians to use the resources they have near at hand to effectively reach their own nation of peoples. It is beautiful to see their confidence and boldness grow!

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Salt Works

Another university Community Health Engagement (CHE) training is history. We thank the Lord…

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